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Five Black StartUps Talk Congressional Support and Specific Tips for Success

August 10 to 14 is considered startup week across America. @WomenForTheCulture on instagram hosts a week of Black, Women-Owned StartUps to provide tips for each industry.

Each guest will takeover the @womenfortheculture instagram page from 7-to-8pm EST on their alloted date. The women will deliver specific start-up tips for women, and how-to's to break into and/or excell in their specific industry.

Each will educate our audience about their experiences and expertise, and most importantly, answer questions.

Often times, we are sold the glamorous lifestyle, but not enough women are willing to give their sis the tips to get there. For "Congressional StartUp Week," our followers will hear exactly how-to launch a startup, from successful startups themselves.

Each guest plans to discuss their fears, while also delving into why we need new, minority-owned businesses to aid in our country's economic growth, and what concerns we our policymakers need to put in place to protect us.

Ashley Bolling

With Covid-19 continuing to hover, business owners are searching for ways to keep their businesses afloat. Many are opting for an e-commerce focused business model while sustainable fashion brand, Closet Freekz International is launching their new flagship brick and mortar location. Closet Freekz is an exclusive boutique driven by style, culture, music and eco-conscious fashion purchases. AshleyBollings, owner of the exclusive boutique concept, had a focus for establishing an Orlando based flagship store before launching new locations. The Orlando Flagship store official opened in Waterford Lakes in April 2020.

Ashley Bolling is an emerging business curator with an eye for creative business concepts. She has become a successful entrepreneur with the launch of her sustainable fashion brand, Closet Freekz International in Orlando, Florida. This motivated young businesswomen aspires to become a multi-faceted entrepreneur and investor with her ultimate focus on launching her business management firm, Adventureous Jill.

Many of Ashley’s best attributes can be accredited to her years as a collegiate athlete at the University of Central Florida and years of service in the U.S. Army. While in the military she began pursing her entrepreneurial interest. She started “Closet Freekz” and steadily gained traction by combining innovative elements of fashion with cutting-edge design. Ashley’s determination helped her endure many early challenges as she continued to expand.

Ashley has been able to use her growing influence to reach a broader audience, while using savvy business tactics to add more notoriety.

The Closet Freekz International offers unique selections of vintage and repurposed fashion options for Men and Women. The future of the store includes an addition of 10-20 unique locations across the country. She wants her brand to represent the freedom to dress how you want, and be as different as you want. She believes, “depending on the day, either create your fashion or let your fashion create you. Either way, fully commit and fully submit.”

Ashley Bolling defines success as an ability to manifest ideas into reality. This savvy, independent entrepreneur has shown that she is capable of conquering any endeavor. While Closet Freekz International continues to blossom, she has several new ventures on the horizon. This fearless, businesswoman has successfully developed a solid foundation to build on for years to come. She is focused on creating a legacy and being a good role model to both young men and women.

Bio provided by: Tabitha Higgs (Chief Branding Officer),

Candace Holyfield

CandaceHolyfield, affectionately known as “The Six Figure Spa Chick,” is the founder and the creative mind behind the Queen Spa Expo (specifically created for minority spa professionals), and The Black Spa Magazine.

She is best known for her Award-Winning spa parties and business-instructional classes designed to empower millennial business owners. She has written over 30 e-books (for spa professionals), and has been invited to speak on mainstages internationally. A trailblazer in her own right; Holyfield has assisted over 500 spa owners not only launch their salon, but create a six-figure income while doing so. Her work in the industry has not gone unnoticed. She has graced the stages and pages of some of the most coveted beauty magazines and expos. She has been the voice for African American spa owners, because so many have been ignored or muted. This prompted the development of The Queen Spa Expo and The Black Spa Magazine. The Annual Queen Spa Expo is slated to take place in Atlanta, Ga September 18-19th.

For more information, visit:

Bio provided by Ebony of Epi Media Group.

View her epk here.

Kim & Janelle

KJ Design and Mortar Styling, LLC, provides  interior styling services for investors, realtors, homeowners and entrepreneurs in the Greater Maryland Area. Our goal is to provide stellar customer service, customized styling, timeless designs and clean lines for every project.

Founded in 2018 by friends and former Howard University roommates Janelle Hughes and Kim Williams, KJ Design and Mortar Styling, LLC, has a growing portfolio of home staging and interior design clients. We always start our process by conducting research on each property and its surrounding neighborhood to ensure that we recommend and install designs that align with current and historical design trends, interior architecture styles, and market demands.

Bio via KJ Design and Mortar Styling, LLC. For more information, visit @kjdesignandmortarstyling on Instagram.

Cryssy Spruill

Cryssy Spruill is the Owner and CEO of Cocktails by Cryssy. What started out as a mobile-bartending service quickly transformed into a multi-operational event planning business and alcoholic beverage company. From bar backing and mixology to decor; Cryssy plans, executes and styles luxurious event experiences and personal product deliveries. She aids in local, economic growth by providing employment opportunities to the community, as well as Women-Owned vendors/contractors. Cryssy is transforming the meaning of "hospitality" for the entire industry.

Bio below via

At Cocktails by Cryssy we offer fun professional, first class service and plan unforgettable events. With experienced staff and a family style company culture, we aim to create lifetime relationships and memories with our clients.

Cocktails by Cryssy started as a one woman bartending service in Maryland and we are proud to say we staff over 100 of the industry’s top hospitality professionals and we are now serving Washington DC, Maryland, Georgia and Virginia. We are the only Full Event Service that will arrive one hour early at NO additional charge to you!

Give your guests something to talk about as they are professionally waited upon. All of our bartenders/servers are Certified in Techniques of Alchohol Management (TAMS), Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS), and ServeSafe. Cocktails by Cryssy provides event staff and services for small and large upscale events. We also provide event equipment including tables, chairs, up-lighting, portable and LED bars, photo booths and more! We have it all!

  • Experienced Bartenders

  • Drinks with unique flavor

  • Rich diversity of liquor collections

  • Prompt and Proactive

  • Provide the best service

  • Awesome Atmosphere

  • Building Relationships

  • Professional Serving Staff

For more information, visit and @cocktailsbycryssy on Instagram.


Kalisha Carmichael, socially known as Fly, is the CEO and founder of Boss Blend Coffee.

Fly wanted to create a safe space for Black people to enjoy coffee culture. Boss Blend is a reminder that we deserve and can create our own artisanal, intentional, high-quality products. Her passion for coffee is tied to her Afro Cuban Roots. It's the best part of her morning ritual and sets the tone for the rest of her day. She says, "I hope Boss Blend gives you the fuel for all the business you handle!"

Bio via

For more information on BossBlendCoffee Co., visit


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