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From Friendship to Success: Three Childhood Friends and Collaborative Authors Hit International Bestseller Status with Your Deck of Success

Your Deck of Success, published by Perfect Publishing, features a collaborative effort by 52 contributing authors, including three childhood friends—Public relations and communications strategist Phyllis Caddell, real estate mogul Teresa Mack, and Grammy®-nominated songwriter and design expert Dayna Caddell, who are all accomplished in their respective fields.

Each contributing author brings their expertise to a specific theme or topic, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and insights.

Quickly becoming a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals seeking to unlock their full potential, Your Deck of Success stands out from traditional books by adopting a unique card format. Instead of traditional chapters, the book is divided into individual cards, each containing a specific idea, strategy, or concept, providing an engaging experience that guides readers on their journey to success.

Curated to cover a wide range of themes and topics related to success in business and life, each contributing author brings their expertise to a specific theme, ensuring that readers gain comprehensive knowledge across various areas of personal and professional growth. Some themes include entrepreneurship, management, communication skills, mindset, goal setting, mind mapping, networking, and more.

A collaborative book like this project allows you to leave a lasting legacy and contribute to business and personal development.

Teresa Mack agrees. She states, “I contributed to Your Deck of Success to leave a lasting impact and create a legacy extending beyond my achievements." She adds, “By sharing my knowledge and experiences in this book, I hope to provide a roadmap for others to learn, grow, and achieve their version of success.”

At the heart of Your Deck of Success lies a revolutionary concept that challenges the conventional wisdom of solo-authored books. More than just a compilation of individual perspectives, it represents a profound shift in how we approach personal and professional growth, harnessing the power of collaboration and collective wisdom.

Phyllis Caddell explains why she contributed to the international bestselling book. "My reason for contributing to Your Deck of Success is because I believe in the power of collaboration and the transformative impact it can have on individuals. This book represents a unique opportunity to align diverse perspectives and expertise, creating a rich tapestry of knowledge and inspiration.” By sharing my insights and experiences, I provide readers with practical strategies I use for success in both business and life.

The book explores the author's unique perspective on business and life. By understanding their motivations and personal growth, readers gain a deeper appreciation for their wisdom and guidance. Designed to be a resource that readers can revisit and draw inspiration from at different stages of their journey, the book encourages ongoing learning and growth, as readers can explore chapters or revisit familiar ones to gain fresh insights and perspectives.

Grammy®-nominated songwriter and designer Dayna Caddell says that

although she comes from a background in interior design and music, she believes that the principles of success and personal growth transcend any specific industry.

Your Deck of Success offers valuable insights and strategies that can benefit individuals in various industries. The collaborative nature of the book ensures a diverse range of perspectives, making it applicable to professionals from different backgrounds.” She continues, “Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, freelancer, or stay-at-home mom, the book offers strategies for success and personal fulfillment.”

Readers can apply the collaborative approach in Your Deck of Success to their own lives and goals in the following ways:

1. Embrace Diversity: Just as the book brings together a diverse group of authors, readers can embrace diversity in their own lives. Encourage different viewpoints, connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries, and remain open to gaining knowledge from others with unique experiences and insights. Opening up to diversity enriches personal and professional growth through new ideas and approaches.

2. Seek Collaboration: Collaboration is a powerful tool for success. Look for opportunities to collaborate with others who share similar goals or complementary skills. By teaming up, you can leverage your strengths, exchange knowledge and resources, and achieve greater results. Collaborating leads to innovative solutions, expanded networks, and mutual support, pushing you closer to your goals.

3. Tap into Collective Wisdom: Recognize the value of collective wisdom and seek it out in your own life. This can involve joining mastermind groups, attending conferences or workshops, participating in online communities, or forming mentorship relationships.

4. Continual Learning: Just as readers can revisit the cards/chapters in “Your Deck of Success” for ongoing learning, adopt a mindset of continual learning in your own life. Develop a desire for knowledge and commit to learning throughout your life. Stay curious, seek new information, and be open to expanding your skills and knowledge base.

5. Build a Supportive Network: The collaborative approach in the book emphasizes the power of community and support. Surround yourself with a supportive network of individuals who believe in your goals and aspirations. Cultivate relationships with mentors, peers, and like-minded individuals who can provide guidance, encouragement, and accountability.

The accolades and recognition that Your Deck of Success has received, including #1 Best Seller categories globally and in Canada and the USA, as well as Hot New Releases categories, are a testament to its impact and value. The book is connecting with readers and providing them with practical tools and inspiration for personal and professional growth.

The three friends agree that while achieving bestseller status offers many

advantages—increased visibility, expanded reach, credibility, etc.— the journey to becoming a successful author requires ongoing dedication, marketing efforts, and continuous writing and learning. It's not just about achieving a label but creating meaningful, valuable content that resonates with readers.

“More than just a compilation of individual perspectives, it represents a profound shift in how we approach personal and professional growth, harnessing the power of collaboration and collective wisdom,” adds Teresa Mack.

Rich Parsons, one half creator of Your Deck of Success, says, “If only one person gets something out of the book that will make a difference in their life, it’s a success. However, I believe deeply that there are multiple stories that will resonate with readers.”

By tapping into the wisdom of 52 visionaries, this book presents readers with an exceptional collection of business and life hacks.

Your Deck of Success demonstrates how diverse voices coming together for a common goal can create a transformative impact.

The international bestselling book is available for purchase on Amazon.


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