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Harris, Hawkins & Co. Real Estate Brokerage

I had the opportunity to sit, and chat with two, amazing women that are creating generational wealth as well as building a tribe of community changers through education and support. They are working hard to break the cycle of each generation having to start over; their goal is to leave a legacy that will continue to be passed down for generations. While some people are saying that you can’t have it all, these wives and mothers are speaking volumes and letting us all know that indeed you can have your cake and eat it to, and go in for another slice if you so choose! These ladies are bossing up and leaving no stone unturned.

Tiffany Harris and Brandi Hawkins are the owners of Harris, Hawkins & Co. Real Estate Boutique based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their energy and overall perspective are indeed a breath of fresh air.

Tiffany was in property management for about eight-and-a-half years and then decided to venture into real estate on another level. Initially, she earned her real estate license about seven years ago for personal investments and rental properties. She, later, fell in love with working with clients when her high school friend left to go overseas and referred all her clients to Tiffany. She is now a licensed, real estate broker.

Brandi Hawkins earned her real estate license about four years ago. She has a background in property management and sales, and at the time was working in an at-home position in customer service. She found that she wanted more, which pushed her in the real estate direction. She was looking for something that would allow her the flexibility to spend time with her new baby, and fit her free-spirited life.

The dynamic duo worked together at a real estate brokerage, and created a bond that has been unbreakable since then. They moved to another brokerage as individual agents, and then decided to create a team. After Tiffany earned her brokerage license, the plan was to wait for about two years before moving on; however, things fell into place in the middle of this pandemic (July 2020), and they opened Harris, Hawkins & Co, a Boutique Brokerage. This brokerage provides a safe space that offers growth and education for other Black real estate agents. Their goal is to be a resource. They aim to help other women run their businesses without the struggles or maneuvering challenges similar to those Harris & Hawkins had already experienced and now mastered on their own. Because of their past experiences, they ensure to have ongoing trainings centered around enhancing knowledge of what is changing in the industry, business planning, customer experience, self-development, and confidence building. The trainings are realistic and relevant to what actually happens during a real estate transaction.

They stand on their motto of "Collaboration over Competition," and say "we get more done when working together."

In the real estate industry, it can be lonely and extremely competitive; their mission is to have an environment of success and support. They start with helping each agent dig deep and find their natural talents/skills, which then will translate into real estate. On the client side, they wanted to create a space with high-level customer service for all clients on every level of purchase price. They want all of their clients to have a great experience, and enjoy the staples they have created for the boutique brokerage. It doesn't end there.. the clients leave with a great deal of knowledge about the process of purchasing real estate. They cherish the relationships they have built with their clients, and keep in contact with them regularly.

Brandi encourages us to stay focused on "the promise and not the process." We must maneuver through the daily obstacles and no matter how far the promise may seem, continue to stay focused. "Never forget that each process is a part of, and a closer step to the promise. Work through the small things that come, so that you do not allow them to keep you in a place longer than you must be. "

Tiffany reassures us; in when people tell you that you cannot do something, she says "do it over and over again, and take pictures. Do it scared, do it broke, just do it!"

For more information and connect with these powerhouses visit or on Instagram @harrishawkinsandco


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