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How-to Manage Grief, Loss, Trauma & Divorce during the Holidays

Sunday, three experts in Grief, Survival, Trauma and Mental Health joined W4TC for a Live, Facebook and YouTube Panel on Managing and Coping. It is extremely important to equip our tribe with the neccessary tools and resources to forge through the holidays, as these may be the worst times for those dealing with grief, loss, trauma and divorce. Coupled with the effects of Covid; we're concerned that all who've lived through this global pandemic have endured some sort of PTSD.

Learn how to identify and unpack trauma, in addition to healthy alternatives to kick your mental back in gear in our replay here:

For more information on our speakers/experts/panelists...

Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Health Educator, Anim Aweh, LCSW

In 2018, I did something did big—I launched Aweh Support, LLC., an online mental health practice that provides a judgment-free zone for African American women in pursuit of counseling. As the daughter of Haitian and Cameroon parents, I know that my people have a lot of work to do when it comes to addressing mental health issues. With mental health being such as a sensitive topic, there was no doubt in my mind that traditional ways of treating it, just wouldn't cut it. I needed a more holistic approach—something that intertwined health and wellness because let's face it, poor health and life maintenance are great sources of depression, anxiety, and development of behavioral conditions.

Moreover, before I could even think about treating my patients, I needed to help them break down the walls that prevent them from seeking therapy in the first place.

Consequently, I started a social movement, Therapy Over Silence— a term coined by moi. On my watch, no one will ever be shamed into silence and getting the help that they need.

Starting my own practice was best the way I could achieve my vision that wouldn't be dictated by health insurance companies who don't understand the nuisances of treating black women.

Another proud moment was penning my first children's book, Elijah Was Brave, a must-read for black and brown families dealing with a child with mental health issues.

Treating mental health conditions, although taxing at times, is very rewarding. I see the fruits of my labor when my patients make headways and discover their own purpose life, the same way I discovered mine many moons ago in high school.

Shop Anim's "I AM WELL" BOX; limited quantities available here.

Follow Anim on Instagram @animaweh

Author, Kinyatta E. Gray

Kinyatta wrote and published her first book in 2019, a memoir, called 30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child.

Kinyatta’s aspirations to become an author were as a result of a heart-gripping moment in her mom’s final moments of life. She committed to honoring her mother’s legacy by becoming a published author. Kinyatta’s mother wanted to be a published author but passed away in 2018 before realizing her dream.

Kinyatta has acquired the support of the biggest talent in the entertainment industry to support her book. The celebrities who have conveyed support for "30 Days" the memoir are: Yandy Smith CEO of EGL Magazine & TV personality, TV personality Antoine Von Boozier, MaMa Kim from Vh1 Love & Hip-Hop NYC, Florina Kaja from Oxygen’s “The Bad Girls Club” rapper Soo Vegaz, CEO of New Jersey's largest radio station Time2 Grind, Madison Jaye, Celebrity Podcaster, Iheart radio, Pilar Scratch, Celebrity Public Relations Expert, Always Ask Asia, Radio One Personality and celebrity wardrobe stylist Jasmine Hill-Carter.

Rising in fame Kinyatta's book has been featured on a variety of press outlets: Iheart radio and Pandora "The Madison Jaye Show", Fashion Gxd Magazine, Medium, Vine Magazine, The Bunnie Hole, Mogul, My Girl Gang and growing.

Shop Kinyatta's "30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child," here.

Follow Kinyatta E. Gray on instagram @KinyattaGrayTheAuthor

Author, Nijiama Smalls

I am delighted that I get to join you on this journey of healing wounded emotions. There was a point in my life where I had grown tired of hurting people and being hurt and I assume that is the place where you are at too. So, I decided to do some work to break the cycles and heal my hurts. As you can see, in my book, I share my life and candid experiences with you, holding very little back.

I’m by no means perfect and I still make lots of mistakes (whew chile) but my heart is intentional, and my motives are pure. I hope that you learn from my mistakes, grow from my wisdom, and heal so that you can be the best you that you can be.

If you like what you have read, please feel free to drop me an email or share it with me on social media.

Shop Nijiama's "The Black Girl's Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds" here.

Follow Nijiama on Instagram @Nijiamasmallsinreallife


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