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Mulatto (BIG LATTO) says, BET Best New Artist Nomination is #Goals

Queen of DA SOUF, Atlanta, female rapper Mulatto (BIG LATTO) recently sat down in a BET press junket to talk about the success she has work so hard for since growing up in the Hip-Hop industry as teenager. Mulatto, who describes her style of rap as Southern, Raw and Uncut; talked about how importance of female empowerment amongst female rappers, gives us her top-five favorite rappers, and talks about the future of her career.


Reversing and Switching

When it comes to being a female in the rap game, it seems that females have always been forced to be divided and hostile towards each other. The same hostility pours out amongst the fans. There was always division. You had to pick a favorite; which caused further animosity against the artist. She explained how social media plays a role in manipulating the artist by comparing, and simply reaching on certain subjects. Mulatto believes that rap should be a competition, but friendly competition.

Mulatto spoke briefly on how she sees the future of female rappers, and if she believes there has been comradery within the industry. Mulatto believes that women are starting to build friendships and families within the industry; she, herself, even excited to work with some of her favorite female rappers so far, such as The City Girls. She feels the music industry was male dominated for so long; but now we, as women, are flipping it and taking back the dominance. Males no longer dictate the industry or how women within should act towards one another. She said, "we are reversing and switching gender roles and letting our voices be heard."


2020 The Year Of Blessings

Mulatto has had a year full of blessings that continue to overflow. Not only was Mulatto inducted into the 2020 XXL Freshman Class and cover; but at the age of 21, she became the first, female rapper from Atlanta to become certified with a gold plaque for "B*TCH FROM DA SOUTH."

Although she doesn't usually cry, because she "be thuggin," as she says; however, she cried tears of joy, because she was proud of what she has accomplished by putting in hard work and staying true to her authentic self. "Big Latto" mentioned that the blessings haven't stopped there. She set goals for 2020; one in particular, that has come to fruition... to be nominated for a major award this year. That, she has hits right on the nose, as a 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards' Best New Artist nominee.


Believe in the Future

Now, Mulatto is not stopping at music. As she says, "music is a foot in the door." Her dreams and aspirations go far beyond the music business. In the next five years, she hopes to see herself branch off to the world of fashion with her own branding line like Bad Girl RiRi.

Mulatto is also passionate about showing off her acting skills, and was called for a role on a major show. She tells us, due to her extremely busy schedule, she was unable to send her audition tape in on time; however, confident that the opportunity will present itself again. As a fan of the hit STARZ series "P-Valley," Mulatto envisions joining the cast as a "Georgia Peach;" a character she's created. Now, what other name what be fitting for the "QUEEN OF DA SOUF?"


My Favorite Rappers Are..../ My Dream Collaborations Are....

Every rapper has a favorite rapper, and most certainly a special artist they wouldn't mind getting a feature with. Mulatto wasn't the exception. When it came to favorite female rappers, she went with the top artist that's been leading the game for more than a few years... the leader of the "Barbz" herself, Nicki Minaj. Mulatto says that Nicki was her first introduction into female rap, and she would love to work with her someday. Mulatto's favorite memory of Nicki was watching her on BET Awards during a cypher that was filmed in black and white. She joked that Nicki had the "bayang." Mulatto's list doesn't just stop with Nicki. Another artist on her radar is "Meg with the knees," Meg Thee Stallion.

The ladies who loved the 90s know "Lady's Night (Not Tonight)" was one of the biggest hits, featuring 90s royalty: Lil Kim, Missy, Left Eye, Da Brat, and Angie Martinez. So, when Mulatto was asked what song she would redo, and said "Lady's Night...," y'all know I got hype! Her remix; however, would include: Meg thee Stallion, Flo Milli, and Saweetie (just to name a few). Speaking this epic song and collaboration into existence, the culture should look out... you never know what she might be cooking up.

Mulatto also showed love to her male counterparts and favorite male rappers; Lil Wayne, Eminem, Nas, and 2Pac. R&B and Hip-Hop going together is like peanut butter and jelly though, so its only right to mention the R&B favorite. Mulatto pegged Jagged Edge, Monica, and Avant as being influential and talented in their own rights; however, Mulatto specifically envisioned a Georgian Collab with Jagged Edge. I would like to see that happen also.


Youngest N Richest Fun Facts

· Single doesn’t want any distractions

· If she wasn’t a rapper she would be in Forensic science

· Pet peeve is internet trolls

· Loves the unity in female rap now


Catch Best New Artist Nominee Mulatto (BIG LATTO) Performing on the 2020 BET HIP HOP AWARDS on

October 27th 2020 9/8C


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