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6 ways to decrease anxiety and overcome stress

How many of us feel lost from time to time? Off track from where we are supposed to be and feeling bogged down or overwhelmed? Seemingly one thing after another keeps happening and it feels you overcome one thing only to get hit with another. Once you finally feel like your struggle is over then Boom!, something else happens to knock you right back down. Sometimes, life can make you feel that way but the reality is, we are all at different stages in a journey that’s full of up and downs. This journey will take you through many experiences, some of which you may be allowing negative energy to linger. You might still be left with thoughts reminding you of your past, where you've been, and the hell you've been through.

That energy in your life is like gravity weighing you down and keeping you from being the dope ass person you truly are inside. Things weighing down many of us can be the past, holding onto mistakes or holding onto hurt and pain from relationships, friendships or family.

Here are a few tips to help you become proactive and very intentional about your happiness and well-being.

1. Do a Self-Check- Every now and then it’s good to perform a self-check. Ask yourself, Am I good? If not, what's bothering me? It may be helpful to keep a journal so you can write down everything you are thinking and feeling. You might not feel like it but expressing yourself in a safe space helps you to get out what you are actually feeling. Though it might not look like it on the outside, see things as happening for you and not to you.

2. Phone a friend- Call someone who you can vent to or have an uplifting convo with. Make sure you can be honest and transparent with this person and receive non-judgement. (If you can't think of any friends like this, get you some new friends!)

3. Smile. That’s right, smile! (inserts Lil' Duval's song) Did you know that your brain releases feel good transmitters including dopamine, serotonin and endorphins when a smile flashes across your face? Seriously! These brain chemicals help calm your nervous system and lower heart rate and blood pressure. Instead of feeding your spirit stress and worry try getting out and doing something fun. Get some fresh air, sit outside, go to a nearby park, check out a local comedy show or volunteer…even go to a local fair(sure the rides are janky but cotton candy and funnel cakes are always fun!) Flex that muscle even when it seems like nothing is going right and shit is hitting the fan. Not because you are delusional but because you are intentional about owning your power and holding yourself accountable on your journey.

4. Welcome positive energy into your life. Welcome good vibes and good energy into your space. Protect yourself from low vibe environments or people who are simply bringing you down. Put them on chill and know it’s best to protect your mind and your peace. Spruce up your place, add pops of color, clean up, open windows/blinds, let sunlight enter your home during the day. Welcome all the good vibes in that you can.

5. Set Your Intentions. Be intentional about what you want and who you truly are. Know that you are a powerful being with the capacity to create a life that feels good to you. If you don't know what you want it's hard to get it.

6. Bust a move. Not really talking about dancing or yoga here but that could work, too. In this instance, bust a move meaning make a move in the direction in which you want to go. Bust a move towards your goals and take ownership of your well-being. Even if it's one tiny move in the right direction....small steps count too and don't let anyone tell you differently.

You got this, boo!

By: Brandy Kyli


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