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Astrology Forecast- December Week One

We are entering the last month of 2018! As we begin to look forward to the new year, we have to continue to look at our shadow self and how important it is to continue to evolve and elevate.

In December, we see Fire, Earth, and Water elements rule and several retrogrades go direct. Are you ready to move ahead into 2019 with a renewed state of mind?

The first week of December, we focus on communication, our desires, and intention setting with the New Moon.

12/1 Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio 6:12 am

Mercury is in charge of communication, transportation, and technology. During retrograde, it is a time to revisit how you use all of the above. Do you need to take a social media break? Has your means of communication with others been overall successful? When Mercury in retro enters Scorpio, this is a time to visit how you incorporate emotions into your communication. Try communicating from your shadow self, that darker side you don't want to tap into. What are your hidden desires? What are those things that you are most passionate about? It's time to think about how to convey those things to yourself and to others in a way that is clear and speaks to your true emotional core.

12/2 Venus in Scorpio 12:02 pm

Venus rules all that we love and desire. We tend to examine love, relationships, and finances through Venus, but we also need to look at our drive to obtain those things as well. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto who is over life cycles, death, and rebirth. What relationships need to end? What behavioral patterns do you keep resuscitating when they need a DNR order (do not resuscitate)? During this transit, it's time to evaluate where you place your energy when it comes to all that you love and desire. Sometimes we are just enamored by the habit of tapping these areas, minorly obsessed with the way something or someone makes us feel in the moment, despite knowing that it is no good for us. Which areas require you to dig deeper and be more passionate vs areas where you should really release and let go?

12/6 Mercury goes direct in Scorpio 4:22 pm

Once Mercury goes direct, you should begin to make moves in all of the areas you assessed during retrograde. Your shadow self could use a bit of attention. Discuss things that make you uncomfortable. No one grows living in their comfort zone.

12/7 New Moon in Sagittarius 2:20 am

The New Moon is a time to set intentions and take inventory. We have an opportunity monthly to set intentions and renew focus on goals. While the Moon is in Sagittarius, this is a time of freedom and movement. Sagittarius likes to roam about and learn. It is fire energy that heals through thought partnerships and connections. Fire energy is motivated and passionate. Use this New Moon to set intentions regarding travel and learning something new. Review what motivates you and what you consider to be a muse. Give yourself some freedom to be and try new things. Expand your thinking and find out how other people live to broaden your horizons.

December is time to dig into our emotional maturity and make some sound decisions on what we want our lives to look like. We have the power to shape our lives and create our successes.

Set intentions and prepare for what life looks like as you make moves to obtain your goals!


@Regran_ed from @flawlessmagazine  -  All That Glitter 📷⠀

Photography: @andrewyeephoto @ateliermgmt ⠀

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For @hungermagazine #13 2017⠀


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