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Black Hair Been Poppin'!

The statement "Black Hair Been Poppin'" holds true for me as a black hair enthusiast. I believe that black culture has always been at the forefront of cultural movements and trends. So, why not black hair? The times of trying to be something other than Black and Beautiful are over, and the founders of The Black Hair Experience are cultivating a space that shows just how much an impression Black hair has made on our culture.

My friend and I were met at the door with a warm welcome, and a temperature check! I can truly appreciate the meticulous details of social distancing that were taken into consideration by the founders. There were space stickers on the floor, marking exactly where to stand in order to safely enjoy the experience... And, what an experience it was!

From the braid swing to the product junkie installment, I truly traveled back down memory lane. As I went from one installment to the next, I reflected on my own experiences in each space. To say the least, I'm truly on a journey with my hair; and trying to find a space where it's not just accepted, but appreciated... even glorified, has been difficult. Walking through the hot comb kitchen made me think of that time my grandmother fried my hair for my great-grandmother's funeral, then decided my ends were splitting and cut my hair with kitchen scissors! Tragic, I tell you! Needless to say, not all my reflections were positive; but the space was amazing, and felt good to just be in the presence of those who could feel my pain and my joy.

Now, let's get into this swag bag! The entrance/exit is where products were being sold. I was able to interview the founders and asked what their next experience space would feature as it pertained to black-owned hair care lines. They informed me that they would like to partner with more brands in the future or would consider buying at wholesale. My friend and I, of course, spent money; because, when you smell candles that are like heaven in your nose, why not? As we were checking out, the founders presented us with durable, canvas bags as a "thank you" for coming out to the experience. We barely made it to the car before we were unbagging.

My friend and I were in the car SCR-EAM-ING! I mean full-sized hair grow oil ($15 value), exfoliating gloves... the works! I was overly impressed by this; because it meant, to me, that they truly valued our presence!

All-in-all, the experience is an excellent portrayal of what Black women or even Black men experience when it comes to their hair! There is a space and a place for all walks of life to relate and feel appreciated. I highly recommend, if you're in Atlanta; go check it out ASAP!

3584-3568 E Main St,

College Park, GA 30337

About The Black Hair Experience

The Black Hair Experience is an interactive adventure that combines a pop-up art exhibit and a series of instagrammable spaces all in the name of celebrating black hair.


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