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Do It All

It has been said time and time again that Black women are often expected to carry the burden of an entire family and more, all while putting on a brave face. They work hard and take care of their homes and children, and while this can be rewarding, they deserve a little tenderness just as much as any other group of women. Afrofusion artists highlight the desire of all women to have a gentle and stress-free life with their partners. Her new single explores this theme of desire, self-reflection, and introspection.

It's common for people to seek motivation or inspiration from someone or something in life. Music is often that source for us, accompanying us through both the highs and lows. It drives us and becomes our personal anthems and mantras. Agyakomah, a Ghanaian American entertainer and R&B singer, is giving a voice to women who may struggle to express the need to take a step back, take a break, and prioritize self-care.

Agyakomah has recently released her new single, "Do it All," during a time when there has been a lot of discussion about women being too masculine and not allowing men to lead in a relationship. According to Agyakomah, women often put immense pressure on themselves to balance multiple responsibilities, such as family, career, education, relationships, friendships, and their own mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Although women can handle it all, there are times when they yearn for and deserve the comfort of someone caring for them. This doesn’t diminish their ability to handle things independently, but it's about expressing the desire for someone to step in and say, "Hey, don’t worry, I've got this, I’ve got you, let me take care of you." Agyakomah's new single encourages women to express this desire without feeling ashamed or weak.

Ladies, let's explore the conversation of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to let our significant others know when we need that break when we feel like life is becoming overwhelming but let's also make sure that we are with partners who can recognize we the stress has been too much for us and who we also feel safe expressing our shortcomings to.


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