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Breathwork Guide Honored by Reebok

Combining their #LiftUpMyTrainer with the All Types of Love campaign, Reebok is "spotlighting trainers from the LGBTQ+ community who not only motivate us to stay healthy and active, but also lead fearlessly with their whole hearts and selves, inspire us to embrace who we are, and remind us that diversity is beautiful."

Reebok announced their spotlight on Chauna for the month here:

Chauna Bryant is a Breathwork guide and Pilates Instructor in the Washington DC area. Chauna helps clients balance their busy lives and feel more connected to their bodies.

Chauna says, "Being featured on is a very big deal for me, because it is an opportunity to share breathwork with a bigger audience. The world needs breathwork right now, to help us navigate stressful times, and grow and heal."

Breathwork is an active meditation, the breathing pattern is just complicated enough to distract the mind providing a much-needed break from the current stressful climate.

More info on Reebok’s All Types of Love Campaign We speak different languages. We pray, love and worship differently. Each of us is one-of-a-kind, but we share a powerful universal bond: This adventure we call LIFE. Wherever you are in your journey, All Types of Love supports the LGBTQ+ community in their March for Equality. Quiet. Loud. No matter how you choose to show your pride be proud, inside and out. Collection of Product:

Story behind the campaign and the collection:


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