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Court Documents Show Megan the Stallion Will Have to Pay former Label

Ruben J of SLNextLevel Agency provides exclusive updates on the Megan Thee Stallion Court Case against 1501 Certified Entertainment, LLC (most know as "1501") where Carl Crawford presides as CEO.

Ruben J reports:

Things have been quiet lately for Megan Thee Stallion as she awaits upcoming judgements; however, one judgement has been issued! Megan, currently, will have to pay back the label due to business practices and mishaps on the music artist's team side.  Megan apparently knew UMGP was paying royalties to her own bank account for both her and the label itself on recordings released under 1501. 

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Megan will be held accountable for the balances due to her former label in the coming months! With tension being at an all-time high between Megan and label CEO Carl Crawford, the two will likely have to reach a settlement to move forward. Megan may also still be liable to release albums under 1501 per her contract that was never legally fulfilled.

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Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person
Jun 10, 2023

So that’s not a judgement. That says in bold letters that it is a response by 1501.

Yall really need to put allegedly on your “articles.”

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