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Gospel Phenom, Tasha Page-Lockhart, to release new single: "Why Not Me?"

Born and reared in Detroit, Tasha Page-Lockhart knows all about being both Fly and Fearless.

Being fly, she says, "is something that can be developed not taught. You gotta already have little something in you to work with." Being fearless; however, that isn't a choice. Tasha reminds us that "at one point Detroit was in tthe top five most dangerous cities in the US." She continues, "If you grew up having to look over your shoulder everyday you’d be fearless too."

Lockhart is a talent that can't be categorized.

First Lady, yes; but in addition to uploading Pastor House and her congregation, Lockhart is a woman of many crowns.

Whether you notice her from BET's Sunday Best, BET's Celebration of Gospel, Tyler Perry plays, TV One and Centric, or 106 & Park, her resume doesn't stop here; nor does her praise.

Coming February 26th, Lockharts latest single, "Why Not Me" is for the downtrodden.. anyone whose faith may be waivering.

We're human, and Lockhart believes "everyone at some point in their lives has asked the question, 'Why Me?' We know that we all will experience tragedy and hardships, so instead of placing blame and pointing fingers asking 'Why Me' just change the perspective and say 'Why Not Me'."

Just as we manifest of goals and speak success and prosperity into existence, realize the power of the tongue, the mind and the importance of mental health. Lockhart says, "When you realize that you’re equipped to fight whatever storm comes your way you’ll go through differently."

Ready for a Break Through?

As First Lady, Lockhart says "my image is a big deal for me, because it has a lot to do with whether people will listen and respect you or not. Perception matters." She continues, "It’s important that im always doing something that lines up with my purpose."

Lockhart's path to date wasn't an easy one or "fly" by any means. She's been subjected to abuse of many forms, yet God provided her a way through. She now lights the path to restore our faith during our darkest days, and ministers to many through music.

If you're looking for a word and moved by song, downloading "Why Not Me" is essential. The single is available on all platforms this month. Follow Lockhart on social media for updates: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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