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Karl J.: Beauty is Business

A beauty brunch in a Hollywood Mansion for BET Weekend? Double Yes!

I had the pleasure of attending a Beauty Brunch this weekend, hosted by celebrity hairstylist Karl J. For those of you that don’t know, Karl J. has slayed Monica, Lady Londyn, Draya, Jordyn Woods and more. It was an epic event.

People came from everywhere to celebrate Karl J. and be a part of the moment. As soon as I stepped into the venue, I was enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance and luxury. The event organizers had gone above and beyond to create a captivating ambiance, with chic decor, soft lighting, and a captivating aroma in the air.

The focal point of the brunch was undoubtedly the cake that was customized for the guest of honor, Lady Londyn. The buffet spread was incredible; featuring an enticing variety of delectable dishes that catered to every palate. From delicate parfait and fresh salads to scrumptious main courses and decadent desserts, there was something for everyone. The presentation was impeccable, with each dish looking like a work of art. The accompanying drinks were equally impressive, with a selection of refreshing juices, signature cocktails, and sparkling beverages that perfectly complemented the meal.

The beauty brunch also provided ample opportunities for networking and building connections. Beauty enthusiasts, professionals, and influencers mingled effortlessly, exchanging ideas, recommendations, and industry insights. Kim Kimble (Beyoncé's hairstylist), Elizabeth Woods (mother of Jordyn Woods) and many more public figures graced the mansion with their presence. Each saying they came out to support the exceptional hairstylist with the biggest heart.

As the brunch drew to a close, guests left with gift bags filled with samples from various beauty brands. We also surprised Lady Londyn with her custom cake and a very special “Happy Birthday” song. It was a brunch to remember!

Karl J.’s beauty brunch was a remarkable event that delivered on its promise of indulgence and inspiration


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