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Botch "Not a Tubi Movie but a Movie on Tubi"

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through social media and comparing your life to people you hardly know? There can be a fine line between reality and fantasy, as well as confidence and insecurity.

Over the past decade, many women have been taking the lyrics of the Ying Yang Twins, "Cute face slim waist wit a big behind", quite literally. As a result, there has been a wave of women getting BBLs (Brazilian Butt Lifts) to enhance or exaggerate the shape of their already voluptuous curves.

Now, we are all about doing what makes you happy to make you feel like the best versions of yourself, but when your health and well-being start to become less and less important and begin to take a backseat or become less of a priority. Many of our favorite celebs have admitted to going under the knife and putting their lives in the hands of black-market doctors.

K Michelle documented the removal of her butt injections because she started to experience health scares. The V.S.O.P. singer said on the Tamar Hall show that she got the injections because she felt like it was part of getting into the industry. K Michelle also said that she never thought of any consequences and went years before experiencing her first health scare when her legs went out and she couldn't walk..

Director and writer AlNuke is letting us live through the life of one of those black-market doctors with his new movie "Botch" on Tubi. "Layla, an inspiring plastic surgeon, dreams of sculpting beauty and healing scars in a world that has left her deeply wounded. Haunted by dark childhood trauma, depression, mental health, and financial mishaps, Layla finds herself teetering on the edge of morality and ethics. Layla meets Russ, who presents her with a dangerous proposition of easy money, power, and manipulative love. Layla falls to temptation and begins performing risky and unauthorized butt enhancement shots across the country. The plot takes a dark turn when several women who received Layla's injections begin to suffer severe health complications, and some meet untimely deaths. Detectives and investigators close in on Layla, determined to uncover the truth behind the disturbing pattern of casualties."

W4TC had the privilege of attending the press junket for "Botch". During the event, we asked the cast and the director about the legitimacy of having a movie featured on Tubi. The question sparked a passionate discussion, and we were able to witness their candid and transparent answers.


Let me know how you feel about the comment that Gabriel Union made about Vivica A Fox doing movies that are aired on Tubi. Also, stream "Botch" on Tubi and let us know how you liked the movie.


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