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MASA is for Women

Six-time NBA All-Star, Player Development Coach, BIG 3 Co-Captain, Israeli Basketball Premier League Finals MVP, and Olympic Gold Medalist Amar'e Carsares Stoudemire understands the necessities of an active lifestyle. His brand invites consumers to experience the luxuries that a professional athlete enjoys outside of the game... from a co-designed fashion line with Rachel Roy to Stoudemire Wines; and now, a new, collagen supplement introduced this week via a launch with FanVestor.

According to FanVestor, MASA by Amar’e Stoudemire is a “Patented Collagen Supplement available exclusively on”

Focused on improving one’s performance and physical activity, MASA by Amar’e Stoudemire (MASA) offers patented Collagen Bioactive Peptides (TENDOFORTE®) in individual, daily doses. Stoudemire Enterprises and Cre8or Global, a disruptive blended digital technology and manufacturing platform in the beauty, health, wellness space, collaborated on the product’s creation and formulation.

In a press conference for the product launch, Stoudemire discussed formulating the collagen supplement and why it was important to focus on the active lifestyle. At 38 and nearly 20 years (14 years in the NBA, four years overseas in Europe, winning a Championship at 37) in the professional sports industry, it was only fitting for Stoudemire’s brand to push a product seemingly the active agreement to his success. Stoudemire says this active-lifestyle product helped prolong his career and is “designed specifically to reduce the risk of injury and increase tendon strength.”

While made for both women and men, Stoudemire promises “performance rejuvenation and recovery” for both sexes. He says, “Whether hiking, swimming, jogging, playing basketball or for yoga practices, the active part of life is where MASA kicks in the most.”

Translating to “Journey” in Hebrew, there is not only quality ingredients in the product, but significance in the name, Stoudemire is focused on “mind, body, and spirit; the quintessential connection within humanity.” He says, “having a proper, steady mind, and healthy, fun life... the spirit benefits from that.” He continues, “Being able to combine those three elements is imperative to reach optimum health, strength and rejuvenation.” To date, Stoudemire’s body has been through quite a journey; like many of us, active athletes especially. Being selective when sourcing ingredients from the Dead Sea was intentional. Only the highest quality ingredients, including magnesium from the Holy Land, are combine at a high level to exude optimal health.

Fit women benefit from the supplement as Stoudemire says, “it’s not just for competitive athletes; but any active performance person, from yoga and Pilates, it is great for the body in general.” Stoudemire guarantees the product preserves joint bone structure and longevity of life. Take it from a man who focuses on preserving his knees an staying fit in between seasons. He says, “MASA represents the spiritual and physical journey that enabled me to persevere, break boundaries and discover my own spiritual awakening.”

Initially, Stoudemire wanted to keep his fans and followers active, despite health threats ad restrictions due to the pandemic. Where it would normally take a product 12 months from ideas to formulation to market, MASA took three. Stoudemire says “The time is now to refuel and get active!”

Keep in mind, the supplement takes two weeks to kick in, Stoudemire says, “Stay consistent and your body will start to feel the benefits.” He sends us home with a “health is wealth” mindset, requesting we understand quickly “how we take care of our body and what we put in it will be beneficial for the future.” Those looking to stay mindful of taking care of their body, MASA “is going to help you enhance that.”

To learn the benefits of patented MASA and special fan perks Stoudemire is offering; such as a personal, guided trip to Israel and a 20-year supply of MASA, visit today.


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