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Neutral & minimalist

A big part of adulting as a woman is finding what works for you & embracing the transitions in your personal style. We all know the phrase that says, "less is more" Every woman has her own definition of that phrase and some choose to maintain a sense of style that re-echoes it.

When you type in -nail polish that suits dark skin- this is what pops up.

As we work on looking good on the inside, presenting well on the outside is also a vital aspect of our output in this world. Presenting well means different things to the everyday woman. For a non-conventional millennial woman of faith in corporate America & as a military professional, these are some of the questions women like myself ask:

  • How do we find a balance between presenting feminine elegance & a professional look?

  • Is my femininity questionable if I choose not to put on so much of that 'glam' 'artificial 'add-on' stuff?

  • Is a woman's subtle style attractive?

  • Do we all have to look trendy to be acceptable?

One thing is for sure- there are no rules to this called feminine style. Your style may not be unique to you but it speaks volumes of you & for you.

Be Dynamic

Olachi H.Morrel

Media Creative ||@Lachy.Tv


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