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To coincide with her recent endorsement by’s Authority Magazine as a “successful podcaster” and “podcasting expert,” Publicist & Principal Consultant at Chandra Gore Consulting, Chandra Gore released an eBook "Launch Your Podcast Like a Pro” for pre-order on April 22.

Now, fully released, Gore recommends taking advantage of downtime due to social distancing and hopes to inspire fellow creatives in quarantine with her latest electronic publication stating, “The eBook is about launching a podcast from idea to release, What apps are available for hosting your podcast, tips on promoting and marketing your podcast and using your podcast to enhance your brand."

As podcasting development numbers and listenership continue to rise, Gore is confident and pushes now as the time. She says, “it is a perfect time to launch a podcast. You have time to plan, create and execute. Even if you don’t launch a podcast you can use the time to support other podcasts.”

For aspiring podcasters, "Launch Your Podcast Like a Pro” is a start-up guide to all you need to know about podcasting. You’ll learn:

  • Why you should launch a podcast

  • How does having a podcast allow your voice to be heard

  • How to use the podcast to enhance your brand

  • What makes a great topic

While, veteran “casters" as Gore likes to call them, also benefit. Gore outlines ways in which vets can revisit their promotional structure and also find ways to revive their podcast.

For auto-download of "Launch Your Podcast Like a Pro,” at $5.95 per copy, visit


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