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Routine reality is not my reality.


To be straight forward, I am not the type of person who jumps at the idea of following a routine, whether it be daily or nightly. I have the little things that I do, as do others, but in terms of a set time every day and night in which those things should be taking place? Nah.


I can't lie though, the thought of creating a routine and sticking to it rings many bells of efficiency in my head and once I've hit a streak, it feels amazing.

I have tried and succeeded, but it has never stuck for too long because let's be real:

Life tends to get in the way when I want to focus within, but when I do .. it feels like a luxury.


My appreciation for writing things down has spiked as of late and I know it is because writing acts as a physical form of silent emotional expression.

Why wouldn't I want to indulge in such action?


I vibe out to this whenever I'm feeling creative. Vibes, just vibes.


Writing is meditation and manifestation - two activities that many people try to align themselves with.

So, what is the issue for others? __

People (myself included) need to refrain from dodging the impetus of a new start.

Personally, I beat myself up whenever I completely fail at holding a short term goal because I feel like I have to do something nonsensical like waiting for a new month to start over.


Actions such as those only waste time.

Rebooting right away allows for the growth that has started to continue.


In order to start 2019 with a sense of purpose, I challenge our readers to participate in the #W4TCWriteAllThingsChallenge, in which I encourage you to simply write down all things that feel important.

Whether it be your grocery list, someone's phone number, self reflective notes, whatever.

It can also be in any place: a journal, notepad, dry erase board, iPhone notes, etc.

As long as you are able to start a habit and morph it into whatever benefits you,

I'm all cool.


Start small and work your way up.

Clear that mind our yours sis, you need it.




Daily Affirmation: Start sis. Just start the damn thing!

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