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'Say Your Peace,’ an Initiative Aiming to Spark Change Through Reflection, Community and Debate

(Press Release by: Michelle “Mischa” Sindyukov)

12 August 2020, Washington, D.C. – Introducing Say Your Peace, an initiative aiming to spark global change through self-transformation, dialogue, and mutual understanding.

Many people thought 2020 was going to be a year to make memories, travel and enjoy our routines. But due to coronavirus and continued racial injustices, millions find themselves feeling deeply stressed and unable to find inner peace or make positive change.

Say Your Peace is here to inspire and spark change. We believe that changing the world starts with a single individual. That is why this initiative will encourage each person in our community to find their voice by sharing their journey of inner peace, self-reflection and empowerment.

We will then encourage people to use their voice in open dialogues about their unique experiences that will strengthen their connections and communities by sharing, listening and learning. We believe this will ultimately open the avenue to cultivate global peace through self-transformation and mutual understanding.

Using design, inspirational quotes and articles, Say Your Peace is building a community and starting dialogues on its Facebook and Instagram platforms. Say Your Peace is working with a variety of partners to catalyze important conversations and empower individuals.

“I am excited to be a part of an initiative focused on self-empowerment, mindfulness and inner peace. This encourages me to be my best self and continue to share my journey,” said Sara Quiriconi (“Live Free Warrior”), an actress, model and health and wellness opinion leader, who encourages her following to “Live Free” through empowered choices and actions.

“We invite people of all walks of life to join us in inspiring others to look at personal change and dialogue as a means to achieving global transformation,” urged Isabelle Savouré, adviser to Say Your Peace.

Get involved:

  1. Embrace inner peace through reflection and self-empowerment

  2. Honor your unique experience and trust your own voice

  3. Start an honest dialogue about these issues on social media using #SayYourPeace

  4. Share our images and posts that resonate with you and your personal journey to inner peace on your social media channels using #SayYourPeace

  5. Attend our virtual dialogues featuring Say Your Peace partners who are recognized thought leaders in mindfulness and social change

  6. Become an active member of the Say Your Peace community by contacting

Say Your Peace is an initiative of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Say Your Peace Committee. SGI is a global community-based Buddhist organization that promotes peace, culture and education centered on respect for the dignity of life. Philosopher and peacebuilder Daisaku Ikeda is the president of SGI.


About Say Your Peace

Say Your Peace aims to spark global change through self-transformation and community dialogue. We believe it is possible to achieve global transformation by looking inwards, discovering our unique voices and engaging in cross-cultural dialogue. We encourage such efforts to help bring about lasting positive change around the world. Our website and social media channels a space for discussion, lifting diverse voices in our community, and providing resources about individual and social change. We invite you to share your story using #SayYourPeace. To learn more visit You can engage with Say Your Peace on Instagram and Facebook by joining our community.


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