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She's Non-conventional

"Many young girls dream of becoming an actress or ballerina. Since I realized that there are not many ballerinas wearing Converse sneakers, I dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur in technology.”-Heidi Golledge, CEO and Founder of CyberCoders, Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2013

The millennial woman of today is very different from her predecessors. She is a working woman among many other hats she wears. As we pay respects to the women of old- those who paved the way for us, it's clear to see that we turned things up a notch. In our careers, we have chosen to take the lead, call the shots & be the boss, regardless of what was the norm. In our homes, we have chosen to be wives of men who won't treat us as foot mats or confine us to the kitchen, but see our value beyond it. In the ways we choose to show up in this world, we identify as high-value, high income earning, inspiring, creatives, business owners, strong & compassionate leaders. For our bodies, we choose not to be policed on what to wear or say but rather to take autonomy of it. Because of course, our bodies are temples not to be defined as sexual objects or labeled as 'child-bearing machines' with no say so.

I am proud to be a first-generation American woman raised by a queen, a strong scholarly Nigerian woman who paved the way for me. To be better, to choose enjoyment over endurance and marry well. To be flexible with life's changes and free to express who I am. Giving no apologies for my grace and the grassroots where I come from. As a millennial woman, many times missed-under-n- stood up but nonetheless choosing every day to inspire others and forge ahead in breaking stereotypes.

I dare you, young woman, to be audacious every day. Reach for the heavens, the sky is too close. Be poised but never let your poise be mistaken for pageantry. Be diverse and multi-dimensional. God create you to be well-rounded.

Cheers to Working women wednesday

{Hey sis, feel free to comment what you'd like to read more of. I'm an open book & would like to give you a shout out for it too}

Be different

Olachi H.Morrel

Media Creative ||@Lachy.Tv


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