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Three Business Tips for Women of Color from The Boss Chick, Simone Sobers

At a very young age, Simone Sobers became known as the “boss lady” or “Boss Chick” because of her entrepreneurial spirit. Years later, that manifested into a twerk-fitness movement and eventually, the creation of the Boss Chick Dance Workout. With six years in business under her belt, Simone provides three tips, specifically for Women of Color, on how You Too can Do It All! 1. Believe in yourself and your dream, and surround yourself with people that believe in both.

2. START. Do not get stuck for years on the planning phase. Just go for it. So many dreams get lost in the planning and waiting, and never make it into fruition.

3. Understand and embrace that being a woman of color entrepreneur is not an easy road. Find a support team, comfort in the warrior this role will transform you into and the impact you will make as a role model for young girls of color. The role is necessary and so important. They need to see us walk this out.

For more information on Simone Sobers and the Boss Chick Dance Workout, visit or @bosschickdanceworkout on Instagram.


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