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Top 10 Erkyah Badu and Jill Scott "Battle" Takeaways

The Erkyah Badu & Jill Scott love fest was everything! I'm not calling it a battle because it was not - it was all love and no hate at all! So many lessons that we can learn from them, especially as black women.

Let me pull out the top 10 for us all:

  1. There's enough shine for us ALL to be great in our own way.

  2. It costs nothing to complement another sister on her success.

  3. Give props and credit not insults and shade.

  4. Words have power - choose them wisely and use them graciously.

  5. It's ok to be nice! We don't have to be petty or nasty to each other.

  6. If you sister falters and falls, don't stand by and do nothing - help her out and keep the party going!

  7. Pause and reflect on good memories with old friends every once in a while, life is short and fleeing.

  8. There's no need to try to make an enemy where no beef exists.

  9. We are all uniquely gifted in our own way - step into your gift and share it widely with others.

  10. Real music, the really good kind, is timeless!

Thank you E. Badu and Jilly from Philly for 3 plus hours of GREAT music, real talk and a powerful demonstration of sisterhood! #ErkyahBadu #JillScott #QueenThings

Images via on Instagram.


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