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Top 5 Winter Hydration Essentials

Did you know, it's just as important to hydrate in the winter as it is in the summer?

As seen on Good Morning Washington...The Lifestyle Influencer behind A Girl's Handbook to Explore; Blogger and Fashionista France Konin shares her top five products for hydrating internally and externally this season:

#1 Internal [BODY]

Aqua Carpatica by Salacious Drinks

From Romania, the Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring Water has a 8.2 PH, while the Aqua Carpatica Natural Sparkling Water is sodium and nitrate free.

Ashley Epperson of Salacious Drinks states, The tagline for the Aqua Carpatica Spring Water is 'nature’s purest water.' I think it holds up to that statement, from the fact it’s low mineral and not nitrates; so perfect for Newborns and Mommies!"

The Aqua Carpatica Sparkling Water is most hydrating. She continues, cthere is no sodium in the water naturally, so you get a refreshing high mineral water without the salt!"

The water retails at $4/bottle, and six bottles to a case for $24 at!

#2 External [BODY] Luxury, Healing Avocado Mango Body Butter by Graceful Healing Retreat

When it comes to skincare, Graceful Healing Retreat has the formula for soft and supple skin... long-lasting hydration through the "feed your skin" collection.

Available in three scents: Pomo Mango, Warm Almond, and Lavender, Graceful Healing Retreat's products Luxury Healing Avocado Mango Body Butters do just that... heal!

Owner, Marlana White says, "It penetrate layers of your skin and protect agains harsh conditions."

These products are 100% Pure, organic, vegan, and made of all-natural, unrefined, cold-pressed ingredients.

Available at in 120ml for $24 and 30ml for $9.

#3 External [FACE] Supreme Goddess Moisturizing Serum by Noire Beaute Bar

Ready for a beauty haul? Check out Noire Beaity Bar, as they feature several skincare systems and the blueprint for healthy, radiant skin. Not only does this offer products to correct and bring your skin back to life; you'll feel like you had a facial in the privacy of your very own home. Who couldn't use a daily, or twice-daily facial?

According to, the serum is "Perfect to use before bed, right after cleansing and exfoliating. It's infused with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Pro-Vitamin B5 that helps give your skin instant hydration, replenishing the skin with key nutrients that plump and tighten for a more youthful and glowing look. Supreme Goddess Moisturizing Serum will have you ready to wake up and slay with a fresh face!"

Retailing for $18, this product is available for purchase at

#4 External [HAIR]Multivitamin Conditioning Scalp Oil by Haircredible

Haircredible is a winter "must have" for Hydration, Strength, and Manageability. We all know that Deep Conditioning is #1 in hair care all year around, but what are you sealing your hair with to lock in the moisture? Sealing your hair with Haircredible Multivitamin Conditioning scalp oil helps keep your hair moisturized longer to prevent the breakage that's all too common in the fall and winter months. Its 100% all natural, you can use during your protective styling, and also for Hot Oil Treatments.

Lock it in for only $12.99 at!

#5 External [NAILS] "Penpal" Cuticle Pen by Blu Ink Nail Lacquer

The Blu Ink Nail Laquer Essentials Collection was created to care for the skin and nails. They have created their very own cuticle pen, the "penpal." Created with a special blend of carrier and essential oils to hydrate the cuticle nailbed; the penpal comes in lavendar or lemon.

Our cuticles protect our nails! Keisha, the Nailprenuer/Beautyprenuer and Owner of Blu Ink Nail Lacquer says, "it's important to hydrate your cuticles, because if they are dry and cracked, dirt and bacteria may enter your nail bed!"

This product may be the most underestimated on the list, but essential nonetheless! It retails at only $6 on

Staying hydrated is a lifestyle. It takes conscious effort to incorporate these activities into your routine, but after a few days you'll notice you'll repeat them effortlessly. Plus, this is the easiest way to exercise self-care, and who can't use some of that?

For more information on France Konin, visit @THE_IVORIAN_GIRL on instagram!


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