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Try this Nightly routine that will have you ready to slay your day

For months I have been reading and talking about the importance of creating routines, in particular the importance of creating morning routines. The way that you wake up and begin your day determines the flow of your day. I have noticed personally that when I am conscience about the way that I begin the day it goes much better. I am much more calm, in control, and I have less anxiety. When my morning starts off on the right foot, I feel like I am more productive and ready for all that the day is going to send my way.

While having a morning routine is a great way to start off, having an evening routine is equally important. I recently read a blog post from Mel Robbins about the importance of

creating an evening routine, and it got me to thinking. How important is it to have an evening routine set up and in place?

As I began thinking about it, it is very important to have a pleasant evening routine to ensure that you have a day that starts off smoothly and with the least amount of stress possible. When I look back in recent times and I think about all of the days that have started out on a good note, I had to investigate what the night before was like for me. On the days that began well, I was well prepared and took steps that would guarantee that the day would be great. This is what I mean. When I know that I am going to take my lunch to work the next day, I make an effort to prepare and pack so that I am not wasting precious minutes in the morning on a task that could have been easily done the night before in little time. Other things would include for me: packing my work bag, choosing my clothes, and making sure that I am well prepared for the day to come.

These things seem very simple and easy to do, but when you are racing around the house in the morning, 5 minutes can make a big deal in your morning commute. Trust me, I know!

As I become more and more in tune with myself and deeper involved in rituals of self-care, I have become more interested in ways of bettering myself and ways of making my life easier. A morning and evening routine definitely aid in making life a little bit easier. My new evening routine consists of preparing myself for the next day. I calm myself and ready myself for sleep in my sanctuary, my bedroom. I read something, pray and do a little meditation to slow my mind from the hustle and bustle of the day’s excitement.

What do you do at night? How do you end your evening on a peaceful note? What activities can you incorporate into your night to ensure that you can begin your days more peacefully? The answer is not one size fits all and will vary greatly depending on who you ask. Think about what things are important to you and what you can do to make your days and nights better. You deserve it.

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