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We are all Women of Influence

Breonna Taylor. Gone way too soon. Let us not let her death be in vain! As women of color, we must all stand together and make things happen. If it be on the front-line protesting or on our knees praying, every action counts.

So often, we downplay our influence and think that if we are not in celebrity status, we have no voice. That is extremely far from true. We all are women of influence; and it starts in our homes, on our jobs, in our communities.

Throughout the states, there have been protests, hunger strikes, petitions, and so much more honoring and seeking justice for Breonna. Beyonce’ and many other public figures have spoken out demanding her murderers be brought to justice. Even Oprah made a bold statement of honoring the life of Breonna, by featuring her on the front of her magazine (something that has never been done before). Although we may not have the platform of Beyonce’ or a magazine cover like Oprah, we do have our voices, our ideas and creativity.

Start by talking about it, and do not stop. This tragic incident, with so many others, cannot be swept under the rug. Make sure that the light continues to shine on incidents like this, so that they are not dismissed. I cannot say it enough… VOTE!!!!

We must use our civil right and responsibility to use the polls to get the people out of the seats that make decisions that can help or hinder us. Do your research, and get to know for yourself. Do not just vote for the party; dig deeper and vote for the person. Talk to your children and all those around you about voting, and help them register. Be the example, and show them how it is done.

Join with other like-minded people to bring awareness by educating and empowering our women of color. Start a book-club, campaign, prayer line... whatever it is, just start it. Our influence goes so much further than we realize. It is often the small things that speak the loudest; start there.

I encourage you sisters. Use what you have, to bring awareness to these tragic events, so that we can make the changes to prevent them. Use your creativity to find ways to reach those that others may not be able to. Let your light shine so bright that others have to see the greatness in you.


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