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What Makes Me Gain Weight???

Often times, we look to the scale as a reassurance that we are on the right track. And while the scale can be used to see where we are, and where we may need to be, it is not the key to your success.

The two main things that cause weight gain are:

An increase of body fat. An increase of muscle.

What causes an increase of body fat? Should I decrease my fat intake?

I don't know--maybe. Choosing 1 of the 3 macronutrients to demonize is not the best way to go about it. Weight gain occurs from a surplus of calories. If you only need 1500 calories to maintain your current weight, at your current activity level, and you eat, on the daily, 1700 calories, you will gain weight.

I had a client, love her to death, who was always concerned about the number on the scale. In the first 2 months of training with me, she's gained about 1-2 pounds, but had gone down 1 pants size. In addition to this, her family had also mentioned that she looked smaller. I would always reassure her that she is losing body fat, and gaining muscle, and not to worry.

Mass vs Volume

Volume refers to how much space is taken up. Mass refers to how heavy something is. Fat has more volume, muscle has more mass. You can lose 1 pound of fat, and replace it with 3 pounds of muscle, and still be smaller than you were before you lost that pound of fat. Excess fat is literally a space taker--a heavy space taker. That's why you can lose 1 pound of fat, and gain it in muscle, see a difference in your body and the way your clothes fit, but the scale says you haven't changed. Same with a higher ratio of gaining muscle to losing fat. You can lose 1 pound of fat, gain 2 pounds of muscle, look and feel different, but the scale says you've gained.

Just Remember Loves...

That weight gain, is not the absolute worst. Focusing too much on the number on the scale will drive you bananas. If you're worried about where you are currently, and would like a nutritional and fitness plan to begin, do not hesitate to contact me here! We can discuss what you're currently doing, and what we can do, together, to help you reach your goals!

By: Journey Fitness


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