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What makes the Yoni go WOO-HOO?!?!

Happy V...Happy Me!!! When your yoni aka vagina is not happy, everything seems to go wrong. Attitude goes from 0 to 100 real quick! Your yoni has a voice. Why are you ignoring her sis?!?!? She loves attention and is very high maintenance. There are foods that are enrich with vitamins and minerals to keep that V in check:

1. World famous Cranberry Juice - If you are wanting the benefits of cranberry juice, go for all natural, no sugar added...unfortunately sugar is not good for our yonis. Cranberries are filled with many compounds to get rid

of bad bacteria that causes UTIs.

2. Yogurt - Calling all yeast to the front stage!!! Yogurt contains that good bacteria that our vajayjay needs to maintain its healthy pH levels. Pretty much foods that contain probiotics work well too (kimchi, miso, kefir, kombucha, etc.). TAKE A DAILY PROBIOTIC LADIES!!!

Tip: You can dip an all natural tampon in plain yogurt to insert, when experiencing symptoms of a yeast infection.

3. Fresh fruit and veggies: Not only you can support your local farmer's market, but you are making healthier choices for yourself. BUY ALL NATURAL FRUIT AND VEGGIES...GET AWAY FROM THOSE THAT ARE SPRAYED WITH PESTICIDES. Chemicals are the #1 womb destroyers! Eating a variety of fruits and veggies is great for whole body health. You want better skin? Fewer cramps? Increased orgasms? Fresh fruit and veggie me please!

We must start somewhere right?!?! If you add these to your daily lifestyle, your yoni is going to THANK YOU!


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