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Work, Chaos and the Unrealistic Notion of Perfection.



Nothing will ever be perfect enough because our expectations for ourselves are continuously on the rise.

We will never be satisfied and that is okay.


Now, what does that mean for us perfectionists who always want to get things right?

Those of us who prefer to plan our movements to the T?

Those of us who INSIST on stalling in regard to the impetus of things we desire?


It means start. Start that thing you really want to start, right now.

If you think about it, we learn life every day.

Take what you have,

make it fruitful,

learn as you go,

and grow as you glow!


Whenever chaos inserts itself,

recognize its presence.

Take a step back and utilize our ability to assess.

Using your eyes is one way to do so,

but the power exists when one can engage in an interconnective assessment of self.

“Be patient, you’ll have your year!” – Mahalia.

I suggest this simply because all things relate.


There will be days where you feel as though you are on top of the world while others will have you questioning why you started your venture in the first place.


Never allow such low vibrational thoughts to cloud the overall end goal because EVERY creative goes through this.


You are your biggest critic,

BUT use that to your advantage.

When you find yourself obsessing about what needs to be improved,

do not forget to also appreciate your process thus far.


Allow no critical point to pass without a bit of praise attached to it.


Work hard,

Love yourself harder,

And release the unrealistic notion of perfection.



Daily Affirmation: “It doesn’t really get better. You do.” – The Slumflower, Chidera Eggerue (What A Time To Be Alone)

Written by Ada X. Marshall-Morrison


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