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Your Darkness Is Your Gift

May is an interesting month astrologically.

There are several shifts that will help us to tap into our divinity.

5/5 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 1:34pm EST

An eclipse is power energy. It's really a time to rest. A full moon signals the end of cycles. Energy during a full moon is amplified. Scorpio is transformative and can be rebellious warrior spirit. It's water energy that is ruled by Pluto. Pluto shows us our dark side and how it changes us. At this full moon, we need to measure how far we've come and show gratitude for the journey. Your dark side is a gift. Tap in to that depth.

5/19 New Moon in Taurus 11:53am EST

The new moon cycle is a time to be open to new projects and trying new things. The New Moon in Taurus is earth energy ruled by Venus. We need to look at what will help us to feel grounded. Ask yourself what have you been committed to that has not been working? It may be time to release it.

The Taurus/ Scorpio dynamic brings us clarity in our own divinity. The month of May is about tapping in to that power. We need to clear things out of the way that don't serve us. Ideas and doctrine that don't resonate with your soul. Grounding ourselves is major key. You have to be in your body comfortably in order to focus and make something shake.

Use the moon cycles to help you have a checks and balance system in your life to do self checks all year long.

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