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15 Ways to Laugh to Keep from Crying During the Holidays

Staying "Booked and Busy" is a mindset; take it from Comedian Ashima Franklin. Now on OWN Network's "Ready To Love, Season 2" hosted by Nephew Tommy; Ashima's resume to date includes major collaborations and features, such as: opening for Katt Williams comedy tours, playing a leading role in Comedian Pierre Edwards‘s movie “Slice,” working closely with Russell Simmons, at All Def Digital, also a role in Netflix 2018 movie “The After Party.”

Although the holidays are a time to be thankful and count our blessings, many of us are hit with the harsh realities of scraping our pockets to put smiles on our family members faces and gifts under the tree, mourning the loss and continuous reminder of loved ones gone home, and even enduring a few break ups.

This holiday season should be one to remember. One to spark change. As we prepare to enter into a new decade, let's not sweat the small stuff. Step out of 2019 with a new stride. Whomever coined the phrase, "A girl who is doing big things cannot let small things get to her," was spot on.

We asked for 10, but Ashima has 15! This is for you, sis:

1: Go shopping with YOUR man's money; or if you're a lesbian, shop with your girlfriend's money! (equal opportunity) 2: Get girlfriends together and crash Christmas parties with Mistletoe on your heads 3: Watch your favorite Christmas movie (Elf is mine) 4: Buy everyone a gag gift! ( wrap a big box up and when they open its a pair of sox, a roll of tissue, etc. 5: Enjoy your favorite Holiday activity, games, ice skating, etc., with friends and family 6: Watch your favorite 90s sitcoms 7: Indulge in your favorite Holiday treats (sweets will always put a smile on your face) 8: Snowball fights ARE fun! I like hitting kids personally! 9: Make fun of family members while visiting lol 10: Drink some extra Eggnog before u get to your family house. (a good buzz) 11: Go volunteers to feed homeless, toy drive for kids. Giving back is ALWAYS nice AND heartwarming 12: Get some friends over for a good Spades game!!! 13: Listen to your favorite Christmas music!! ( ANYTHING BUT SILENT NIGHT BY THE TEMPTATIONS THAT SONG WILL BREAK U DOWN) 14: Christmas Karaoke with 🍸 🍷/WITH TREE DECORATING PARTY 15: Come out and See YOUR favorite Comedian Ashima Franklin!!!! If SHE is not in your city go to her YouTube videos you will Laugh YOU A$$ off!!!

Laugh... and CARRY ON!

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Comedian Ashima “Skinny Fyne” Franklin was born and raised in Mobile, AL, and moved to Atlanta in 2005 to pursue a lifelong dream of being in the comedic entertainment industry. Ashima’s ability to draw an audience into her comedic perspective of real-life events and leaving them in tears with laughter is the reason she has experienced such a welcoming embrace from comedy industry professionals who have sought her out to roast and host. Ashima has opened for Katt Williams comedy tours, and played a leading role in Comedian Pierre Edwards‘s movie “Slice.” She's worked closely with the mogul, Russell Simmons, at All Def Digital, and recently landed a role in Netflix 2018 movie “The After Party.” She is currently a contestant on OWN Network’s “Ready for Love” hosted by Nephew Tommy. Tune in every Saturday 9CT/10EST. Ashima will continue to entertain and delight audiences with her unique style, dynamic stage presence, and infectious smile and charm. She is a household name known by the world. Catch her on tour in a city near you.


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