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8 Reasons to Workout with a Friend

1. Accountability and Motivation

You're more likely to schedule and follow through with workouts.

You have another person relying on you to coordinate scheduling of working out

Once that workout is scheduled, you're less likely to cancel plans, so as to not convenience your friend

When your journey is beginning to look tough, you have someone there to push you

You have someone to share your progress with

2. Competition

No one is perfect at everything

Someone will have more endurance, or be stronger, faster--healthy competition is good competition

You will push your friends, and they will push you to do and be better

3. Learn Something New

No matter how often you go to the gym, you don't know everything. PSH! I'm a personal trainer, and I learn new things from others trainer I work with and around

You'll learn how to do the same exercises from a different perspective

4. Avoid Getting into a Rut

When your routine begins to get stale, you have someone around with fresh ideas

You have that motivator to push you, even when you're tired

5. Avoid Injuries

You have an automatic spotter

You have a reps counter

You have someone who can check your form

6. More Fun When Working Out

You can do 2-person exercises

You have someone there to joke with

You have someone there to make any work out into a super fun experience

7. Get Better Results

You'll reach your goals quicker

You have someone there to continue to push you, and you'll stay consistent

8. Affordable Personal Training

If you cannot afford the costs of a 1 on 1 session with a personal trainer, a friend could lighten the load


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