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Dreams Beyond Dreams

Malcolm X delivered a powerful speech in which he stated, "The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman." This speech was given in 1962, over 60 years ago, yet it still rings true today. Black women are often underestimated, undervalued, and overlooked in our society. This is especially true when they become young mothers. They are usually seen as just another statistic, destined for a life of welfare, with no education and a deadbeat partner. However, many black women have defied these expectations and succeeded in business and other fields. As Rocsi, a multifaceted businesswoman, would say, "EAT THAT!"

Rocsi Global is the face of determination and perseverance. As a teenage mother, she faced numerous criticisms but refused to let doubt and negativity stop her from pursuing her dreams. Women have often been told that having children puts an end to their career aspirations, but time and again, we have proven this notion wrong. Rocsi is a shining example of this, as she not only achieved one career goal but multiple ones, including becoming a Fitness Trainer, Licensed Realtor, Flight Attendant, Actress, and Podcast Host.

Rocsi talked with #W4TC to discuss how being the underdog in the community pushed her to go even harder, how the independence of a strong black can be intimidating to men, but also how that intimidating is not for us to fix, and what she is manifesting for the next quarter/season of her life. 



Rocsi, you are truly the definition of a multifaceted black woman; why is it important for us as black women to make sure that we are bringing in multiple streams of income?

Thank you so much, and I appreciate you saying that. Honestly, I've always been driven to be a serial entrepreneur and a natural-born hustler. However, the pandemic taught the world that if you only had one source of income, at that time, you were done. Luckily, I was secure because I had a few things going on. But I felt the pain of everyone else around me. From that point, I vowed ALWAYS to have a few things going on… Just In Case

Rocsi, you have been transparent and open with your followers and let us know that you've gone through a brief depression. What do you think triggered your depression, and how did you get yourself through that tough patch?

Well, that depressive state was triggered by grief and the loss of someone I held near to my heart. It was a very public situation, with an obvious shift in my energy, involvement, and interactions with people around me. It was a VERY dark time for me. So, a part of my healing process was speaking about it. Sharing my experience with so many people and the influx of positive support was surprising. I've always felt that through any trauma, your voice has healing power. So, the more you discuss the problem you take back your power, little by little.

Rocsi became pregnant at 14 and had four children. Having children can be challenging at any age, but at 14, the struggle can be overwhelming. Now, as you look back as a successful businesswoman, what would you say to the many people who doubted you?

EAT THAT!!! Lol… No, but seriously, I was always the underdog in my community

because they tried to make me a statistic, and I refused to conform. I hate labels, but a teen mom is the only label I wear proudly. My kids changed me, and I wholeheartedly believe they saved my life. However, with every other static they came at me with, I fought against it with all my strength. I worked 4 jobs when need be to make sure my kids didn't have to go without or feel like they were missing anything. And just doing what I felt had to be done naturally was enough to make the hate made because I was young, focused, and driven. So, everything they said

I'll be and do in life. I made my goal to do the opposite, and that's what made them even madder.

Rocsi, anyone would have to be blind if they didn't notice how amazing your body is. What began your fitness journey?

Thank you so much. Well, honestly, I've always been an active kid and teenager. So, when I went to the Army, they taught me the one thing I was missing: Discipline. So, from there, it was a learned and adapted behavior I fell deeply in love with. I've actually never looked back or taken a scenic thought at changing that part of my life. It's definitely addictive once you start seeing cognate and progress. Plus, in the Black community, food is a silent killer I refuse to let defeat me without a fight.

How much does marketing play a role in the success of all your businesses?

I believe marketing is everything. But you have to market with a strategy. Marketing has to feel like you're not acting trying to sell people. That's the key

to every successful multimillion-dollar company. They've figured out the blueprint and but loads of money into their campaigns so they can watch a cash cow grow.

Time management has to play a big role in your life because juggling being a mom, flight attendant, realtor, fitness coach, and podcaster requires a lot of juggling. So how do you do it all, and most importantly, how do you find time for yourself?

Time management, prioritizing, planning, and eliminating unnecessary distractions. Plus, being single is a bonus because we all know dating the wrong person slows you down. But in a perfect week, I have my flights planned, events, self-care days, and family time planned out. Ofc, I try to have a few buffers in there for the unexpected. I also know when the timing for certain things is more profitable than others to allow some things to take a back seat for a minute. The key is to control the controllable and understand the things I cannot change.

Being an independent woman can sometimes be intimidating to men. I'm not sure if you are in a relationship or dating, but have you come across men who feel like you should dim your light? If so, how do you handle that?

I am actually single at the moment by choice,, of course. Again, being attached to the wrong person can definitely slow you down. And yes! I've run across some very insecure men, and it's so obvious. I'm not for the weak, so there's no negotiation in that department. And GOD has blessed me with discernment, so my tolerance of BS is at an all-time low. You may be cool, but once I pick up on red flags, I'm over it… NEXT!

I recently heard Crystal Renee say on her podcast that "Women need to tap back into their femininity; we have become so masculine." How do you feel about that statement? Do you think just because we take pride in achieving things on our own that makes us more masculine?

I believe masculinity is a matter of opinion, and I also have a theory about opinions that I'll digress lol. But tell me this: does a woman who depends solely on men to provide for them make them feminine? Or does being a housewife make you less masculine? I ask because I've done both. But for me, I find joy and solitude in having what I need and securing my own bag. Not to say, what someone else adds to the bag isn't appreciated because it is. However, I don't like the thought of giving someone else the pen to be the author of my story. If that makes me masculine in your eyes, so be it. But to know me is to know the truth. I pride myself on being in my feminine energy, but not everyone deserves to share that energy either… but that's another topic.

Rocsi, you've been taking up space in every field you desire to be a part of. We can see you in the Movie "Hot Girls" and also in some of Kourtney Wayne's skits. Has acting always been a part of the plan you've set for yourself?

Actually, I believe God's Plan always comes around full circle. I personally had an interest in acting in college but never took it further than that because of the city I lived in at that time. I had a limited mindset and didn't believe it would go anywhere. But again, GOD has a way of giving you sneak peeks of your talents and gifts. It may not always appear at the appropriate time, but it's always going to show up in God's divine timing.

The Movie "Hot Girls" is streaming on Tubi. I asked the cast of Botch this question a while ago. I asked them how they felt about Gabi Union basically downplaying actors and actresses who have films on Tubi as if it is less than. How do you feel about the negative stigma surrounding Tubi?

Well, with all due respect, I love Gabi. She's great at her craft, and she's mastered that field. However, she, too, recognizes everyone's starting points aren't always

going to be the same. We all remember her first flicks and they definitely weren't the highlight of her career either, I also believe, had Tubi been out back then she would have done the same. Because we all know for black actors/actresses especially, you have to walk before you run. She knows that as much as anyone.

Dreams Beyond Dreams is your new podcast, what encouraged you to start one and what can listeners expect to learn while listening?

I started making posts dropping just pictures only, and people didn't even know what I sounded like for a while. But once I started making reels and going live with different topics important to me, it got people intrigued and talking. So, someone gave me the idea, after seeing my videos do millions of hits and reposts, to

start my own podcast. So that's where the idea stemmed from. I feel like people wanna learn and grow, so I try to utilize my platform to empower and give free games that they can't get from Siri or ChatGPT.

What are you manifesting for the current quarter? In this next season/ quarter?

GOD is opening doors for me that others THOUGHT they closed. Baby, when I tell you the Blessings are coming in overflow… I mean That! I can't even disclose things that are in the mix because of the contracts… That's how you know it's real! I'll say, stay tuned and Watch GOD work

If you had to pick one word for the next season of your journey, what would it be?


Through your entrepreneurial journey what is the biggest lesson you've learned?

You only fail when you stop trying. Never give up on your dreams. Even if the timing isn't right at the moment, don't worry—God gave you the dream and vision for a reason. Trust God and believe in yourself no matter what. Center yourself in rooms with no ceilings, and make sure there are no snakes at the table.

If you could give advice to a young black girl who became a young mother and believes the odds are stacked against her, what would you say?

Girl! It's not easy. But nothing worth having ever is gonna be easy. This very well

may be the hardest job you'll ever have, but, in the end, it's the most gratifying and rewarding job GOD will ever give you. Keep pushing through because you got this!


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