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Keri Hilson on "Lust" IRL and new, Lifetime Original Movie

"I wonder what the difference is between love and lust..." a current debate in the heads of many, including Tiffanie Cooper (Keri Hilson) in the new Lifetime Original Movie “Lust” A Seven Deadly Sins Story.

Producer, songwriter, and GRAMMY®

Award-winning singer Keri Hilson leads the film as "Tiffanie," and appears to have the "perfect" life. She is preparing to marry her successful fiancé when temptation and lust creep their way in to her “perfect” life, masked as her fiancés friend/groomsmen. With her world turned upside down, Tiffanie must decide if it is worth giving into the desires of the flesh.

Recently, Women For The Culture joined a press junket with the lead actress. There, she expressed her thoughts on how women are seen in the relationship, and if temptation has ever loomed over any of her real-life relationships.

When asked how women can keep a level of independency and integrity while in relationship, as often times we may feel as if we are losing ourselves; Keri said, “one of the main things that make a relationship attractive is being seen for who you truly are.” She explained, "women should fight for their individuality," and referenced her character Tiffanie’s mistake by accepting a role of being someone she truly was not. Her character didn't fight to be seen as who she truly is.

Throughout the press junket, Keri spoke on the struggles of filming through a pandemic, how acting is just another creative outlet for her, and how it fuels her passion for the arts the same way music does.

Our valuable takeaway for you was the moment where Keri is asked if she ever felt tempted the way her character Tiffanie was. Keri goes on to say “Absolutely! Temptation is part of life. You're not human if you aren't tempted by something at some point. You’re going to have to face that, and make a decision.”

Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story, starring Keri Hilson, premiers on Lifetime Saturday April 10 at 8/7c.


The first of the Seven Deadly Sins book series, this movie is a grounded morality tale that explores the power of lust, but at what cost? Tiffanie Cooper (Keri Hilson) is about to have the wedding of her dreams to her soul mate, the dashing Damon King (Tobias Truvillion), founder of King Enterprises. But when Damon’s old friend Trey Taylor (Durrell ‘Tank’ Babbs) arrives, fresh from prison to step in as Damon’s best man, Tiffanie’s whole world gets rocked. Sexy and mysterious, Trey triggers a passion in Tiffanie that she never expected, and suddenly the life she’s always planned with Damon is uncertain. But Trey still carries wounds from his history with Damon, and his intentions toward both Tiffanie and Damon are not to be trusted. Lust: A Deadly Sins Story also stars Ms. Juicy, LeToya Luckett, and Clifton Powell and is produced by TD Jakes Enterprises and Big Dreams Entertainment. T.D. Jakes, Derrick Williams, Leslie Greif and Shaun Robinson serve as executive producers and Star Victoria directs from a script written by Sonay Hoffman.


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