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A Survivor's Ministry

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, three-time author and CEO Kinyatta E. Gray believes that it's the importance of building community. During tough times, being able to lean on another or even provide a smile, can make a tremendous difference in one's life and mental health.

To usher in Black Business month, Kinyatta shipped fifteen books to five incarcerated women.

As a survivor of domestic violence herself, she was specifically requested for this outreach opportunity.

Malik King, Prison Outreach Coordinator of the CAN-DO Foundation ( says, "I'm always looking for authors, publishers and organizations to donate books to indigent Federal Prisoners. I had to reach out to Kinyatta, because many of the women in Federal Prisons are victims of domestic violence." Malik is currently involved "in the lives of 700+ male and female Federal Prisoners seeking release under Executive Clemency from The President, Two Point Reductions and Clemency Program 2014 for low-level, non-violent alleged drug offenses and a wide range of others who are incarcerated for other alleged offenses such as 18 USC 924c." He spends most of his time researching cases similar to theirs with loopholes, providing reading petitions, sending books to them to keep their minds off of the daily routine of prison life, etc. Kinyatta says, "I am determined to make a positive impact in as many lives as possible. Therefore, without hesitation I am donating 15 copies of paperback books that I have written and released between 2019 and 2020 to women prisoners in the United States. Being in prison affords one an enormous amount of time and opportunity to read, think and reflect. Further, reading is also a good way for prisoners to pass time by in a productive way. My books are filled with messages of inspiration, hope, resilience, love and how to completely turn one’s life around. These are messages that can and will profoundly change someone’s life." Here is one response from a book recipient received thus far: ROBERTA RONIQUE BELL (08116067) - Hey there. I am so excited. I received the books from Ms. Gray. Just since I got them people have already been asking to read them. I really appreciate it. Especially, with the lockdown. I am grateful for her consideration of me and her willingness to share her experiences. Please thank her for blessing me and the others that I will share with. Thank you for thinking of me and Ms. Gray for helping you continue to do what you do. Love & Hugs. Two more...

To whom much is given, much is required. Kinyatta continues to be of service to others by paying each and every one of her blessings forward.

For more information on Kinyatta, visit, and @kinyattagraytheauthor on instagram.

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