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Jacquelyn Joyce: Answering God's Call

So, we've all heard the parable of the shepherd leaving his flock of 99 sheep in order to find the one which is lost. However, have we ever heard of the sheep the shepherd saves? Meet Jacquelyn Joyce.

Jacquelyn Joyce was in the thick of living her best life in New York; with the herd. She had the best friends, the best opportunity and a career one could aspire to achieve. One day, she got this important call; a call that would lead her to stray from the pack.

The call was about her family; her mother and grandmother had fallen ill with cases of dementia and she was their only hope. This would be her new life; Jacquelyn, the caregiver. Jacquelyn would now experience a series of unforeseen and unfortunate events. To add to that; she was at the prime of her life, the 30s club. Fortunately for Jacquelyn, she was able to adapt, adjust and appreciate; for the time would come when the shepherd would return to find her.

Now, at the pinnacle of her life she has evolved to a Youtube-series creator of a popular show, Crescendo. The series has been requested by the Emmy-Nominated Issa Rae, and her best is yet to come. Yes, she is still over 30, a caregiver and has her moments of doubt; but, the shepherd has arrived and she has returned to the flock better than ever. World, please meet the phenomenal Jacquelyn Joyce.


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