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Being a Triple Threat in 2020

While many joke, posting memes of the curse of 2020 on social media; there were some entrepreneurs that benefitted from the mandatory downtime brought on by Covid-19.

Bria, is an entrepreneur who also happens to work in corporate America. She launched her business, SpicyHairCare, in the midst of a pandemic; all while attending graduate school, full-time.

In Bria's case, mindset was key. She knew three things. One; with an interest in Human Resources and Equality in the workplace, it was time to pursue her Masters in HR Management. Two; launching a business would be difficult in itself. Three; anything she set her mind to accomplish, she knew she could... and would. She remembers thinking, "it would be hard," but says, "I persevered." This would prove to be a very pivotal moment in her life and career.

Bria says launching her haircare line, SpicyHairCare, this past March "tied all types of women together simply by being spicy." She continues, "Haircuts, natural styles, and more can be styled with my products; and so far the response has been incredible. I've met so many business owners, and learned so much within the industry. I'm so happy I took the leap, and created my own business."

Bria is quick to acknowledge her blessings, and realizes none of this happened by chance. As a product of Newark, New Jersey; growing up in one of "the most dangerous cities in America at one time, in a crime ridden neighborhood and seeing other people from Newark make it, I knew I could as well." She attributes her tenacity to seeing examples of perserveance, but also her faith. She says, "Keeping faith, and staying focused literally helped shape and keep me on the track to greatness."

Bria can personally attest to launching a successful startup during a pandemic and reassures, "it's been tough, but you're TOUGHER." Luckily, God, her parents, and grandparents have been the key inspirations to get her through.

Without acknowledging those that helped her along the way, would be a disservice. Bria says, "without them we would lack the motivation to keep going. We should give people their flowers while they're here."

She uses every opportunity since to "pay it forward" also. Bria, uses proceeds from SpicyHairCare to bail protestors out of jail nationwide, and is currently putting an intiative in place to educate/empower women to reach their goals. She says, "I use my brand to help others by being optimistic, and always reminding them of the big picture. We all have a purpose and once we find that, it motivates us to keep going."

Bria welcomes those who want to connect to do so via social media @briwoo and @spicyhaircare.


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