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Brandy verzuz Monica: Ultimate 90s R&B Queens Takeover

Let me just start by saying, THIS NIGHT WAS NOTHING LESS THAN EPIC! Over 1.2 million consistent viewers streamed, danced and cried. Now, the outfits. Brandy graced us with classic “Moesha” braids and her natural earthy flair with gorgeous accessories. Monica came in fierce with her Fendi beret and body suit. She had EVERYONE stuck on the heels connected to the taupe pants. The two ladies really gave us all the nostalgic feels while remaining sensationally relevant. If you grew up in the 90s, you were either for Brandy or Monica. You couldn’t be for both. I remember, literally, fighting over who would sing which singers part for, “The Boy is Mine.” For industry reasons, they were slated to always be rivals. Of course, there were those of us that had both collections; but let’s just say THIS verzuz was what fans needed and were waiting for. What better platform to unite the fans and show both superpowers?

The 90s gave us total teen heartthrob vibes; there was Immature, Aaliyah, Usher, Tevin Campbell and the you had Monica and Brandy. Brandy was both queen of prime-time television and music. Brandy had ”Moesha,” "Cinderella," barbie dolls, sponsorships and movies. While Monica had the best music collaborations, crazy range and sponsorships . They did not only dominate vocally, they dominated in life with successful side ventures and beautiful families. They went from teen heartthrobs to legendary icons. During the verzuz battle, Brandy gave insight to a few of her songs with poems. She did a special tribute to the people we lost as well as her brother Ray J., with the song ”Missing You” and “Best Friend.” Monica gave us new music, and harmonized with Brandy on the song “sideline hoe.” Brandy, for the most part, has always carried a “PG” image, so the level of vulnerability she showed was special. These were just some of the beautiful moments that they allowed us to witness. Two queens giving each other major respect and admiration, while giving us a WHOLE VIBE.

(Images via Verzuz Instagram)

In the end, some people had Brandy winning the battle, while others had Monica winning the battle. If you are a real Brandy or Monica fan, you know that this was a win “for the culture.” Thank you Monica and Brandy for showing us what hard work, maintaining your standards, staying true to yourself, and landinh your sound will do for the legacy you want to establish and leave behind. We appreciate you both setting the standard, and being the shoulders for the artists that we listen to today. Thank you for putting on for the culture.


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