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Cool Weather? No problem! Let's Make Sangria!

Due to global warming, the colors of the leaves are already beginning to turn. Many of us are even considering long sleeves, due to the recent drop in temperature, over the past few days.

Technically, we have a few more weeks left of summer, but what a great way to prepare for Autumn/Fall, than with my Classic Sangria!

The Sangria can be made so many different ways. Some use sweet wine; Some use dry wine. It all depends on the taste you are going for.

My Sangria recipe is a perfect balance between both. I use freshly squeeze juices, and spices to bring all the flavors together. The benefit of making the Sangria is that it can be made days in advance, or made-to-order. This Sangria can be enjoyed at brunch, happy hour, and at dinner.

It's tasty and will give you the perfect buzz!

Sangria By The Glass

5oz Dry Red Wine 1oz Spiced Rum 2oz Orange Juice 3oz Cran-Grape Juice 1oz Simple Syrup 2 dashes of bitters 1 dash of grounded cinnamon Directions:

Put all ingredients in a steamless wine glass with ice. Stir. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, lemon and Lime wedge.

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