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Dancer Celine Boom Stars in Netflix’s New Competition Series “Dance 100” Available March 17th

Celine "Boom" Edmondson is a professional dancer and choreographer living her dreams in New York. The young dancing sensation will be starring in a new Netflix series called "Dance 100," where you will see her and other choreographers compete in teaching several dancers different choreography.

Dance 100 is a street dance competition that showcases eight phenomenal dancers who have danced for your favorite celebrities like Cardi B, Lizzo, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Missy Elliot, to name a few. The contestants must choreograph, teach and perform jaw-dropping group performances to help them progress to the next level. The show will be hosted by Ally Love and premiere on March 17th.

Edmondson began dancing at 12, living in Connecticut with her mom. With tight funds, trying to learn in a professional studio was not an option, so Boom joined an after-school class and got a scholarship from her teacher to pursue her dreams even more.

Interviewer: What advice would you give younger students pursuing their dreams in the industry?

Celine: "Your dreams are possible, they are possible, they are possible. Find that person you aspire to be like or want to work with, study them and what you can do for yourself, and know that no path is right or wrong. Your path is yours. You don't have to go viral; you don't have to be famous to make it."

After following her dreams and earning her BFA in dance at the University of Arts, Celine is now the Assistant Coach for the Brooklynettes. Her choreography has been showcased center court at Barclays Center, the 2019 Global Games in China, and the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend. She has also performed and choreographed for artists like DJ Khaled and Lil Kim and inspires to work with Chris Brown one day. In addition, Celine is on faculty at "Steps on Broadway," teaching classes in Brooklyn.

Interviewer: "Let's talk Steps On Broadway because that's amazing."

Celine: "It still hasn't settled in that I teach there, and I'm teaching at an institution where I aspire just to take classes. Now I'm a teacher there, inspiring youth and others, which is amazing. I have no words. I still can't believe it."

Watch out for Celine "Boom" Edmondson because she is about to level up! Make sure to check her out on Netflix's new series "Dance 100" on March 17th and follow her on IG @_ohitsboom


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