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"Death Saved My Life," Starring Meagan Good

What if death were your own way to a better life, would you go through with it? Well, for one woman, the idea of being dead is her only choice to leave behind a life of turmoil and abuse. Lifetime presents a chilling idea to us with their #rippedfromtheheadlines, new, original movie “Death Saved My Life” starring NAACP Image Award Nominee Meagan Good; inspired by a true event that ultimately made news headlines lines. The film follows the life of Jade (Meagan Good), who seems to be living the ideal life with her husband; however, behind closed doors life is everything but ideal.

Being verbally-and-physically abused by her husband of ten years, Jade feels like she has no way out; and not even law enforcement can help, because her husbands’ best friend is the local, police sergeant. With few resources, Jade feels that it's time to take extreme measures to escape the hands of her abusive husband. In this suspense-filled thriller, we learn if Jade's only option for better boils down to death being the only answer. Tune in to Lifetime on February 13 to find out why “In order to live, she might have to DIE."



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