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How-to Move Different with Dr. Rhonda Travitt

I had the opportunity of chatting with a wonderful woman of God, Dr. Rhonda Travitt. Apostle. Pastor. Counselor. Life Coach. Author. Friend. The list goes on, and on.

Dr. Travitt is the Founder of Restoring the Years Global Ministries in Marietta, Georgia, President of Rhonda Travitt Ministries and Rhema Bible Institute and Seminary, and an adjunct professor of Christian Bible Institute & Seminary. You can see her weekly on Atlanta’s WATC Channel 57, hear her weekly, on her Wednesday "Transformation of a Nation" podcast, and on her comcast show, “Straight Up, No Chaser.”

In speaking with Dr. Travitt, I could feel her energy through the phone... her passion and heart for people. What started as an interview turned to be a great-and-insightful dialogue. I knew this would be a great interview, as she has done great things for people and the community; however, I never thought it would be so open and genuine. It was breath of fresh air! So let’s get into it…

Why was "Transformation of a Nation" birthed? Please explain its purpose and function.

Right before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was given to me by God. It is to reach one person at a time. Being a voice to the voiceless... a voice on so many levels. It is to reach those that are in prison, the youth, women and men. The purpose is to help people to see themselves beyond where they are, to assist in having a contingency plan and making room for error.

Where does someone start for restoration and redemption?

First, you must acknowledge that you need restoration and redemption. The one thing that usually keeps us from this is pride. Pride will not allow you to admit that you need help. We must go to God and humble ourselves. This does not make us weak; it makes us better. Self-deception is the worst kind of deception. We must do some self-searching; introspection. Have a conclusion of hope.

"Rejection and Rebellion: The Twin Towers," can you give us some insight on the book?

This book was written from experience; growing up dealing with rejection. You think when you have it "made;" the degrees, accomplishments, and are so strong in the church that you have arrived. Yet, despite your success; you still feel like you have something to prove. For some, this life is a masquerade; never showing who they truly are. A lot of successful people deal with rejection and rebellion within themselves. This is a self-help book to guide you to take the mask off by being fully transparent of my experiences as well as some other participants.

What advice can you give to those that are feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward?

You must shift and apply application. Unapologetically move forward. Your company may need to change. Click into alignment, and let it get into your spirit. Move different. Move in ways that you do not recognize. Be quiet, and listen. Think over your passion; not only on what will bring you money. What do you enjoy doing? What drives you? It may seem crazy to others, but it is not about them. Take your time. Do your research. Take one step at a time. Write down your vision, don’t be afraid to pull back the layers because until you pull back the layers, they will weigh you down. Take the time to find "you." Not the "you" that others expect for you to be, but the "you' that God has created you to be. Be confident! If you are going to reach your God-given talent, you must be confident. We have a right to be confident. We are made in the image of Him. When we walk around with our heads held down, it is a sin and a shame. It is a trick of the enemy to make us feel insecure. When you are feeling stuck, help others. Stop focusing on what you feel is wrong in your life. Change the focus to helping and healing. Stay encouraged.

Any last nuggets of wisdom?

Know that no matter what you are going through, "BUT, GOD!" You overcome by The Blood of The Lamb, and your testimony. Do not be afraid to share it with others. It may be what gives them hope and brings them to Christ.

Learn more about Dr. Rhonda Travitt, her ministry, products, and her services at


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