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F%*k You

"Look at what you've become Matter fact, what you've been

I was just blind; I was just so in it

I was just so committed; Nah I don't regret it

I learned what love is once; I Let it go, let it go, let it go"

-Summer Walker

This is dedicated to any woman who went through a period in her life where she poured all that she had into a relationship just to be left broken and defeated. We have all been there before; but ladies, we won't let any man keep us down. Wipe those tears, stand up straight, fix your crown, and tell him FUCK YOU!


How can I ever trust you again? I turned my whole life upside down just for you tell me I'm not what you want. I was vulnerable for you. I spilled my heart and soul for you. A side of me that you only had the privilege of experiencing.

I loved you in way I never loved before.

They say your first will always be your first love; but I removed that trash from my memories, because I believed you were my true love.

How can I still love you?

Why do I still love you?

Was I nothing more than a fuck up that you could fuck?

I'm forced to continue on like I'm okay.

Forced to smile. Forced to lie.

Forced to lock myself in the bathroom just to pull myself together.

I hate you for making me this way,

Internally, I'm screaming "FUCK YOU!"


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