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Faith, Family, Fame... The Blueprint according to Tia P.

Imagine being 16 and surviving a near crippling car accident. "Ran into a parked car (yeah, I know); because I was I was typing something on google maps, and totaled my mom’s car. It was from that’s accident I developed Polyarticular Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. A 16-year-old drummer and basketball player with arthritis from a car accident? I didn’t know that was even possible at the time."

Now, perserverant Rapper, Drummer, Singer/Songwriter, and Producer Tia P. seems to charge her afflicted past to the game saying, "Looking back on it, it was when it was too painful to walk, open a bottle of water, turn a doorknob, or pick up a pen to write a song that my time with God was the most intimate. Through prayer and finally getting the right diagnosis, I got better and stronger in my body and in my faith. Plus, all this made for a great college essay."

Her faith, absolutely; but the strength of loved ones... family brought Tia P. through. Humbly and thankfully, Tia P. praised, "My family was everything. I was scared because of the car; I was scared because I didn’t know what was happening with my body and if it was treatable; I just didn’t know. What I did know, however, was that my parents would be there to help me through, and that God was somewhere in the midst of all of this. My mom was especially helpful because she has lupus. Though not entirely the same, some autoimmune disease symptoms can overlap especially during a flare up. Just knowing that someone knew exactly how I was feeling and had overcome it was more help than I even realized at the time. Thanks Mommy :-)"

Her success to date is impeccable: BET "The Next Big Thing" finalist, "Feel Good" feature by Jacky Clark-Chisholm and Mary J. Blidge, Netflix "Black AF" and "Shameless" in addition to writing the theme song for Tammi Mac's shows on KJLH and Fox Soul TV. With many more to name, it seems success came quite naturally and was destined for this musical prodigy.

Of course... her parents were musicians! And as Tia P. recalls, "The Arts were encouraged." She continues, "I'm passionate about music, and blessed to have people who enjoy and support it." Tia P. makes a strong point to mention how education was equally stressed as well, saying "given the fact my grandmother was and my mother, still is, a teacher." Being carefree and a kid at heart, Tia P. found "that balance of intellect, creativity, and good vibes are what I like to bring to my music and what I hope to ignite in other people; the fearlessness to do you and be happy."

Although sure of herself and talents early on, it seems this Cali girl wasn't forever changed until she embarked on what looked to be a lonely journey across the country. She says, "I had come all the way to the east coast from Cali, didn’t really know anybody, and had never come to visit Howard until move-in day." Today, she recalls the experience as a pivotal moment, stating "By the time I walked across that stage I realized I had made new BFFs, versed myself in academia - covering topics from The Ancestors, to Kanye West; from Research Methods & Statistics (1 & 2) to music theory- and not only talked about Black culture but was now dipped in it from head to toe. It was a grind, but I made it! We made it! It instilled this idea of “Blaxcellence” (black - excellence) that carries over into everything I do."

As Tia P. continues to grow her business and brand, she recognizes the importance of

having a support system, while also making them feel valued. Today, she undoubtedly attributes it all to her parents, in addition to her "6x Entertainment team." She explains "While my parents support Tia, the daughter, my management team pushes and feeds Tia P., the artist. My parents, along with a few close friends, keep me grounded. They don’t care how famous I get, how much money I make, or how many people know my songs. They won’t hesitate to call me by my entire government name, and put me in check. My management team, 6X Entertainment, I know has my back and stays putting me to “work”. As an artist, trust, hustle, and smarts is what you want in a team. I love y’all!"

When asked "Why is it important to you that we acknowledge those who have lifted us up along the way?, Tia P. stated, "We all have dreams, but sometimes it takes the belief of others to shake us awake and make that dream a reality. Encouragement is one of those things you can never get enough of, while also being something we’re doing for our generation and the next."

In turn, Tia P. uses her platform to be of service to others. Currently, Tia P. "plans to open a non-profit organization called “I SEE”. The motto is “I see the need, I met the need”. Whether it’s homelessness, social justice, school supplies, etc... I want it to be recognized as a global brand, specifically created by woman of color to help people of all colors." Meanwhile, Tia P. delights in poating digital content, "daily morning motivation videos on Instagram" in particular. She says, "I’d like to think I bring my own personal brand of happiness... my son/ dog Puggle and I are early risers: out for a walk around 5:30 a.m. and I’m working out by 6 a.m., and I’ve already stuck a camera in my face, (hehe)." She continues, "My hope is just to motivate or inspire people at the tip top of their day either via fitness or verbally to be healthy and be themselves."

For more on Tia P., do not hesitate to visit, @iamtiap on Instagram and Twitter, and if you want to collab, email her at


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