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Feelings, How Do I Handle Them?

2018 has been the year of emotional confusion for many and downright heartlessness for others.

How does one function within a social climate that has been shifting towards a “fuck you” & “fuck feelings” epidemic?

How does one expect to develop meaningful relationships with those around us when most of the time our relationships with ourselves are nonexistent?

How should any type of emotions be handled, as it relates to self, familial relationships, intimate relationships, friendships, and so forth?


My answer is to feel and release.


Feel your emotions deeply, but NEVER allow them to overstay their welcome within your spiritual safe space.

Does allowing negative emotions to fester sound appealing? Does allowing positive emotions to linger sound appealing?

Maybe, but even an excess of such may cause the “positive vibes only” attitude to become your go to because you see how good it feels to exist within positives.


Allow your inner self to get all that they can from any emotional wavelength. Period!


"Watch your head, heart, and soul" - OSHUN


BUT – what if you are the type of individual who knows NOT how to control the presence of emotions, but instead allows them to consume you?


From one spiritual being to another:

Anything that is supposed to happen, will happen.

Anything that the universe must grant you, will be granted.

No amount of worrying or feeling bad can change the past.

No amount of worrying and fear of missing out can affect the future.

In fact, the Law of Attraction supports the claim that like attracts like.

If you are constantly worrying about being a failure, what do you think you will inadvertently manifest?




So, take the time today and hold yourself accountable.


Anything that harbors for too long will cause damage.

Your spirit will be


We all know the downfalls of being unaligned.




Daily Affirmation: I am safe to feel. I am safe to release. I am safe as I exist within my emotional identity.

Written by Ada X. Marshall-Morrison


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