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Flo Milli Shit!

Representing Mobile, Alabama and soft spoken; but can absolutely "flo" like a Boss Bitch, is none other than Flo Milli. Flo Milli interviewed at a BET press junket for the 2020 Hip Hop Awards, to reflect on her journey so far as a female in the rap game. Flo exudes so much confidence and assures us that she has always known her worth; she breaks down the steps it takes to be a Boss Bitch, building the perfect song, and living out her dream.



Flo Milli wasn't lying when she let us know in the intro of her debut album "Ho, why is you here?" What she was the shit, and that's her mood everyday...Period!. Growing up, Flo has never short changed herself when it came to self love and believing in herself. She was always confident, and made sure she received great grades throughout school. Flo said that even though she has been confident, as time went on she "learned to love herself and grow even more." When you are shining with radiance, it's only natural for it would spill over into your professional life.

Flo's boldness speaks volumes in her music, because like she said "men can say whatever that want in music, but women are criticized for what they say just like controversy around Cardi B and WAP." Flo says, "women should be confident, powerful female bosses and say whatever we want in our music."


Ladies First

The women in the rap game have been killing it lately... continuously showing that we can be bosses all around; and although we might be the next big thing, we should never forget who paved the way for us, and be head strong in a competitive industry. Flo Milli recognized that she comes from a long line of amazing female rappers, and made it known that a few of her favorite rappers off all time are Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, and Missy Elliot. One shocking moment that Flo remembers, is when Missy showed support for her when her album was first released. She says, "it came as such a surprise," because she wasn't expecting a legend like Missy to be such a fan of hers. Being as though there are so many hot female rappers entering the game that can put pressure on new artists to stay ahead of the game and stay relevant, Flo doesn't see it that way. She thinks it's dope that newer female artists that have emerged since 2017 are killing the game consecutively. As she says, she "loves all the rap girls and people are starting to see its the decade of women."


Dream Team

It's always a treat when your favorite rapper and R&B artist collaborate to make magic. The same also goes for when your favorite rappers collaborate to bring you some of the craziest bars imaginable. Don't worry too much! Flo Milli already has a dream team of hopeful collaborations... enough to make you want to stop reading at this very moment and run to her IG to encourage her to make it happen. Let's start with the R&B line up...

Flo said, in the future she would love to work with the likes of Summer Walker, Bryson Tiller, and Jhene Aiko. Just imagine either one of those artist on the hook, while Flo Milli spits some Flo Milli Shit. Next up, Flo is confident she would achieve the perfect song with Lil Wayne as the producer and Young thug on the hook. Now, with Wizzy as the producer... the song is bound to be fire.


Amplified and Emerging

Not only is Flo Milli BET's amplified artist of the month, she has also been nominated at this years BET Hip Hop awards for best new artist. This emerging artist reflects on some of her highlights thus far of 2020, seeing her billboard in time square, attending her first award show, and now, lending her talent to the legendary Hip Hop awards cypher. As expected, this Boss Bitch laid down her bars in just one take. Yup!

Flo said, "the most rewarding is being apart of the culture and making a stamp early and living my dream." She's on the right path.


Boss Bitch Starter Pack

  • Don’t take shit from nobody

  • Know your worth

  • Love yourself

  • Set the tone

  • Hype yourself up and tell yourself 'you're that bitch!"


Catch BET's Hip Hop Award Nominee Flo Milli tonight, as she takes center stage during this years anticipated Cypher.


Listen to

"Ho, Why Is You Here?"


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