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Girl Next Door: Marlo Hampton Fosters Self-Confidence through new wig line, H.E.R.

Known for serving lewks, Marlo Hampton is a fashion icon in her own right. In fact, the term "stylish icon" is more appropriate. Marlo is fashionable, no doubt; however, she exudes self-confidence... a stylish presence in everyday life.

Who better to cultivate a community of Haute Elegant Rebels than a "Girl's Girl," who understands image, branding and the ability to propel your brand to launch multiple, lucrative endeavors?

In in intimate Q&A, bestie in our head, Marlo Hampton shares details on her latest venture, H.E.R. Hair Collection.

Marlo, you can be easily mistaken for Naomi Campbell on any given day. Would you say the straight, center-part look is your signature hair look?

Yes. That is why I had to have a silky, bone-straight style wig in my wig line, H.E.R.

I named the style “Long Hair Don’t Care."

Time-and-time again, people say how much I look like Naomi. I take it as a compliment, because she is someone I truly admire for her beauty, grace, and longevity in the industry. Clearly, you gives us tons of hair looks on-and-off camera. What made you decide to finally release your own line of wigs?

I am constantly changing my look. I get bored so easily; so, I love to spice it up and be versatile with my clothes, makeup and most importantly my hair! So... why not a wig line!? Why is it important to show that you aren't just fashion, but a lifestyle brand yourself?

There is so much more to me than fashion. From the decor in my home, to the car that I drive, to the way I dress and care for my nephews who now live with me... it’s a lifestyle. It’s all about living your life with a level of taste and luxury, and most importantly knowing that you deserve the best! That is my brand.

What's the purpose of H.E.R.? The concept behind the brand and how do you help to inspire other women?

The purpose of H.E.R. is to build self-confidence for women of all ages and walks of life! I hope that by me being unapologetically myself, I can inspire other women to do the same.

Why the name "HER?"

I created Haute Elegant Rebel an acronym for the word "her," because I want every woman to look and feel like she is “HER”, you know… “THAT GIRL" who looks in the mirror, enters the boardroom or steps out for date night!

For black women, how important is our hair to us? Our hair is everything. It’s one of the ways we express our personality. Our hair is our crown and our unspoken voice.

What are the price points for the pieces in H.E.R. Hair Collection?

My line ranges from $450 - $900, and features seven glueles, pre-styled, virgin-hair wigs⁣.

How can we find out more and purchase?

Definitely follow us on Instagram for updates and beautiful pictures at @her_hair_collection and check out our website

What can we expect to see from you and this brand?

Well, there is more to come. We’ve really just started with our marketing; we are currently producing some fun, interactive video content. We are also cooking up some cool collaborations with a few talented-and-trusted hairstylists. What do you have to say to others who may have been unclear about or late regarding your previous businesses?

I am well beyond the point of having to prove myself to anyone. I’ve been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for over six years, BRAVO’s #1 rated show; the platform has provided a multitude of opportunities for me.

From my personal businesses to branded social media partnerships, to speaking engagements, my non-profit organization “Glam It Up, Inc.” that mentors young women in the foster care system and more; I’ve been, and will continue to be booked and busy! Why is it important for you, and women of our culture in general to have multiple streams of income?

As black women we are so creative. We are complex, and we are strong. It's important to let our passions shine, create businesses/brands that reflect who we are, and make some cute coins while we are at it! When it comes to building black brands, how can we get each other to support one another more?

I’ve learned, sometimes all it takes is being a listening ear. Pick up the phone and bounce ideas off one another, vent to each other, share your network and be a resource. Instead of worrying about what someone can do for you, figure out how you can help them. The gesture of kindness will come back around.

What tips can you give for building a lucrative business in a world where it seems everyone has a side hustle?

First things first, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a side hustle. My granddad taught me to always have multiple streams of income for a rainy day! But, I think the key to building any successful lucrative business is your team.

Build a team of people that understand and believe in your vision. My motto is to make fewer announcements and let the work show for itself. How do you remain "Fly and Fearless," particularly when life's hurdles get in the way?

Being fly is in my DNA. I literally just love to look fabulous, because it makes me feel good. It’s something I do for my inner peace and happiness. It’s what makes me fearless! Do you see herself as an inspiration to women, and do you use her TV persona in any way to push this agenda?

I am learning more and more that there are people out there that watch me on television and look up to me. This season on RHOA, I made a conscious effort to try and show more of the real Marlo because my life story is so relatable.

Catch Marlo on season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta; the season premieres November 3 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. In case you missed the trailer, check it out via

For more information on H.E.R. Hair Collection, visit!

HER Hair Collection is the embodiment of luxury, confidence, and style. Founded by TV Personality and tastemaker Marlo Hampton of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and hair industry veteran Karen Mitchell of True Indian Hair, HER was designed to give women the chance to instantly change the way they feel; by elevating the way they look. HER features 7 wig styles, offering women an option for all seven days of the week. “I created HER to empower women to embrace their inner diva and unleash the (H)aute (E)legant (R)ebel inside. And most importantly never forget, you are HER!“ xoxo Marlo Hampton


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