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Hey Girlfriends!

We all have that special girlfriend that we have known since we were in diapers, the girlfriend we made on the first day of high school who reassured that everything would be okay, or that girlfriend we met while talking trash about the boss. However you met your girlfriend, I guarantee the memory holds a special place in your heart.

The ones that keep it real with you like Maya and will tell you “Oh, Hell No” when something just does not sit right with her.

The Gina, to your Pam; that is right alongside you making boss moves in the board room.

The fashionista girlfriend who reminds you of Régine, and is always trying to get you in some new clothes, wigs, or lashes. Instead, you just give her that side eye, because you know she means well... but, just like Khadijah, you aren’t paying that girl no mind.

Whenever we are feeling Insecure like Issa; we know we have that one girlfriend that will rush over in a hurry, just like Molly, for a much needed self-care Sunday.

Like T-Boz and Chilli, we all have that girlfriend that can smell a Scrub from a mile away.

And, Just like Tiffany in Girl's Trip, we have that Girlfriend that's a good mix of ratchet and nasty... but we need that, because she keeps us fresh! (LOL)

So, as you can tell, Girlfriends are important. We fight like sisters, but our girlfriends protect us, listen to us, and are always the first ones to call us on our "b.s." We may not talk every day; but when we do, you know we're picking up right where we left off.



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