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How-To Turn Off "The Boss" and Turn On Patience and Flexibility with your kids.

The "Mom Motivator" Demi Austin-Thomas is a well-respected Family Expert and Parenting Coach. Popular with teen and millennial crowd, she's even referred to as "The Tween Queen" because of her ability to connect and relate to the youth of today. If there is any type of disconnect due to generational gaps, cultural gaps, or disrespect occurring due to a lack of structure or missing parents in the household, Demi assesses and rebuilds the family dynamic despite today's influences. She says, she "believes parents can provide a relevant and direct approach to communicating by meeting your teen where they are emotionally, and mentally, without forfeiting their role as the parent."

As a mom herself, Demi is able to coach in this area, because knows the correct approach. Her coaching techniques are "old school with a redefined approach and her goal is to bridge the gap, cultivate relationships and, bring families back together again - The Old School Way!"

For women bosses, time management and balance are key! We're so plug into our phones, our side hustles, that we may or may not be aware of the affects even those potential moments for bonding or instilling life lessons are having on our families. Whether we know their watching or not, they are. Yes, we want our kids young and old to respect us for the hard work we put in, but whether you think so or not, they're watching our every move. Being attentive in their lives is vital as far as their development is concerned. Getting push back? Demi teaches us how to have time for it all, and claim your respect along the way.

Q. How can a working mom have it all? Her 9-to-5, her side hustle and still manage to not to make their child/children not feel slighted? Do you think a shift in parenting technique should occur?

A. Working moms can absolutely have it all - but having it all will require necessary sacrifices, balance and self care! "Working Moms" and "Girl Bosses" should also find it necessary to be intentional about turning off the day when they walk across the threshold of their home. It's very important for kids to feel like they are heard and seen and often times as mothers we just get busy and we forget, because of the hustle and bustle of the day and other responsibilities, especially if there is a single parenting home.

Q. Is it easy for woman bosses to be bossy at home? Do this affect their interaction with their children?

A. Yes, it does and there is a time to turn off the boss and to turn on patience and flexibility!

Q. Why is it important that you provided this service, for our culture in particular?

A. We are living in a very different climate, culture and time, especially with Social Media and reality television. My services help millennials, parents and families understand the importance of their relationship. It is also necessary for me to provide tools to correct behavioral issues and family conflict to help parents better understand what's happening with their children in order to build stronger and healthier family relationships for a better life.

Q. Break down the meaning of "meeting your teen where they are emotionally, and mentally, without forfeiting your role as the parent..."

A. I think as parents we often forget what we experienced as a teen, we forget that we made mistakes and had a few lessons. Simply extending emotional empathy, does not make you weak, and it does mean that you forfeit your role as parent. What is makes you is relatable and human to experiences that your children can respect and glean from.

Q. Give us an example of a coaching technique you use.

A. Clearing Space Sessions are one on the techniques that I use- which gives families an opportunity to share their hearts about breakdowns that may have occured between family members. This a technique where we put it all on the table, uninterrupted. We talk it out, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. We yield the floor to all parties involved In the family matter. It allows us to deal with conflict openly and intentionally, but it also allows us to get to the heart of the matter, by calling everybody's feet to the fire, with the intention to resolve and "clear" this space so that the elephant is no longer in the room and healing can come forth.

Q. Do you find a great deal of turmoil in single-parent homes?

A. Yes absolutely, but I have also worked with single parent homes that are doing well and are raising happy children, with the help of their tribe.

Q. Do you think your services could positively correlate with a decrease in crime/violence in our neighborhoods?

A. Yes, especially for those at risk teens who are forced to deal with their own coping skills and not sure how to deal with unacknowledged pain in their lives. My services provide family support for children and families who have and or are experiencing emotional/behavioral challenges, especially for those parents who are not sure how to deal with their children. The act of Violence is the mirror image of what one is or has experienced or never experienced in their home. It's a true cry for help, and as much as we judge in our community, this is the time we should be implementing supportive coaching programs in the efforts of helping those who need these services in our community.

Follow Demi, her amazing coaching and empowerment events for Women on IG:demiaustinthomas, Facebook: demiaustinthomas, and Twitter: IAmCoachDemi.


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