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A Skin-Care pop-up for Self-care Saturday

On Saturday, Nov. 2, the popular skin-care line Base Butter hosted a pop-up event called 'Shop & Shoot' which included a free photoshoot with a professional photographer, a chance to shop for their latest beauty products, networking, and interactive experiences. Base Butter has been featured in Essence Magazine, Marie Claire, BYRDIE and many more and has been highly recognized as one of the best when it comes to natural skin-care lines.

Founder She'neil Johnson says her mission, is to "create simple, honest products that work..."

I've been following Base Butter for about a year prior to this event and I always wanted to try their products, but never got around to it thanks, but here was my chance.

The pop-up was held at Marsh + Mane ( a natural hair care beauty boutique in Philadelphia and the beauty brand encouraged all women to come to the photoshoot wearing little to no make-up due to this being a natural skincare line. Make-up wipes and Base Butter's Radiant Face Jelly moisturizer was available on-site to bring out your natural glow. The best thing about this company is the ingredients found in their products which include; almond oil, shea butter, and aloe vera, just to name a few.

This particular pop-up event was great for Self-care Saturday, the products were essential to any self-care routine if it includes a home facial and wash day. Testers for skin and hair care products were offered and both Base Beauty and Marsh + Mane products were available for purchase as well as; As I AM, Alikay Naturals and a local brand Natural Mixologist. Base Butter's #1 seller the Radiate Face Jelly ($21.00) was the star of the show.

Since I am a subscriber of Base Butter, I receive emails on new product launches and events like the pop-up all the time. However, this particular event caught my eye as it ties into my weekly 'Self-care Saturday' ritual. For the past few weeks I've been struggling to get it together, so, I decided to take my self-care routine to the next level and I thought, what better way than taking free professional photos and indulge in endless almond-scented skincare. My 'Self-care Saturday' is usually about...self and last week's 'Self-care Saturday was spent at Six Flags Fright Fest with a friend, so, it was 'me time.'

As Sza's "Love Galore," played, the shop was filled with coily and curly-hair women off all ages testing the products, sharing what products work for them and what didn't, their skin regimes and how long they've been transitioning back to natural hair. I finally got the chance to test out Base Butter's products at this beautiful pop-up event and my skin has never felt so hydrated, I absolutely love it.

During your next self-care Saturday, be sure to visit for all of your skincare needs.

Marsh + Mane


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