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Insecure season 4 postponed until 2020

As if waiting one year isn't enough, HBO has announced that Insecure will not be returning until 2020. Due the rise if Issa Rae's instant movie stardom, the show will be skipping its usual summer airing. Issa has been very busy with the movie "Little" starring Marsai Martin, who has been radiating back girl magic this year.

HBO's programming director Casey Bloys told Vulture in an intervie that with Issa's movie success, they don't want to "impede on her hustle." Bloy's assured that Issa Rae's movie career will not cause her to hang Insecure up permanently. We are all here for Issa's success and Insecure is my bible, but sis how are you going to do us like this? Season 3 already left us with so many unanswered questions;

Insecure Season 4 Postponed

Is Nathan coming back? Will Lawrence and Issa reconcile? Will Molly and Dro ever be on good terms?

When is Tiffany having her baby? So many question, with a lot of time to wait for the answers.

We will just have to wait until 2020 to find out what happens. In the meantime, I feel a binge for all 3 season coming on.


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